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Ibermundo Brazil.

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In the Library: Articles

Bonilla, Frank. "A national ideology for development: Brazil," in Kalman Silvert (ed.) Expectant Peoples: Nationalism & Development (NY: Vintage, 1967), pp. 232-64. Development ideology prior to military coup of 1964.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Albuquerque, Severino J. Tentative Transgressions: Homosexuality, AIDS & the Theater in Brazil (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 2003).

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In the Library: Fiction

Queiroz, Rachel de. Dora, Doralina (Rio de Janeiro: Jose Olympio, 1975; English trans. NY: Avon, 1984).

Yamashita, Karen Tei. Brazil-Maru (Minneapolis: Coffee House, 1992). Novel of a Japanese utopian socialist community in São Paulo.

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Amor Bandido" [1987], dir. Bruno Barreto, 98m. From Facets Multimedia.

"Antonio das Mortes" [1968], dir. Glauber Rocha, 100m. From Facets.

"Axé" [1988], dir. Marcia Meireles and Maria A. Lemos, 30m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Bahia: Africa in the Americas" [1988], dir. Giovanni and Michael Brewer, 58m. From World Cultures on Film & Video.

"Banking on Disaster" [2000], 78m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Barravento (The Turning Wind)" [1962], dir. Glauber Rocha, 76m. From Directory of Latin American Films & Videos.

"The Battle of Canudos [A guerra de Canudos]" [1997], dir. Sergo Rezende, 165m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Beijo na Boca" [1987], dir. Jacira Melo, 30m. From the Directory of Latin American Films and Videos.

"Belly Up [Os matadões]"[1997], dir. Beto Brant, 90m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Black Orpheus [Orfeu negro]" [1959], dir. Marcel Camus, 103m. From Latin American Video Archives. Greek myth adapted to favelas of mid-century Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval.

"Black God, White Devil" [1964], dir. Glauber Rocha, 102m. From Facets.

"Blood Stains" [1993], dir. Paulo Weideach and Eduardo Schaal, 5m. From Latin American Video Archives. Explores cycle of wanton violence: street children kill parents of a child who must then survive on the streets.

"Brazil: Priestesses, Samba Dancers, and Mulattos of Brazil" From Latin American Studies, Video Catalog, Spring 2002

"Brazil: Emerging Powers" [?], by Wall Street Journal, 50m. From Teacher's Video. If Brazil can control inflation, corruption & destruction of natural resources, it may become a world power!

"The Brazilian Connection" [1983], dir. ?, 60m. From Cinema Guild. Examines Brazil's economic crisis, surveying over five decades of Brazilian political history.

"Bye Bye Brazil" [1980], dir. Carlos Diegues, 110m. From Latin American Video Archives. Travails & break-up of a small-time carnival due to competition from TV.

"Capoeira"dir. Ricardo Lobo, 8m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My Business" [1994], dir. Helena Solberg and David Meyer, 91m. From Noon Pictures.

"Coffee: A Sack Full of Power" dir. Alexander Valenti, 52m. From Filmakers Library.

"Copacabana Beach" [1988], dir. Vivian Ostrovsky, 10m. From the Directory of Latin American Films and Videos.

"Farewell to Flesh" [1980], dir. Richard Bueridge, 16m. From the Directory of Latin American Films and Videos.

"The Fate of the Kidnapper" 50m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Favelas" [ 1989], dir. ?, 50m. From Cinema Guild. Takes viewers into heart of São Paulo slums.

"The Forbidden Land"[1994], dir. Helena Solberg, 58m. From World Culture on Film & Video.

"Fragments of a People" 50m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Gabriela" [1983], dir. Bruno Barreto, 105m. From Facets.

"Hail Umbanda"[1988], dir. José Araujo, 46m. From World Culture on Film & Video.

"Hunting Season"[1988], dir. Rita Moreira, 26m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"How Angels are Born [Como nascem os anjos]"[1996], dir. Murilo Salles, 100m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"It's All True" [1942], dir. Orson Welles, 89m. Unfinished film with great footage of life in Rio & Bahia.

"Latinos in Action Series-Brazil Sergio Bianchi"[1992], dir. Don Lynn and Catherine Benamou, 29m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Latinos in Action Series-Brazil Osmario Rodrigues"[1992], dir. Don Lynn and Catherine Benamou, 29m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Lamarca"[1994], dir. Sergio Rezende, 125m. From Latin American Video Archives.

'Luzia" [1988], dir. Fabio Barreto, 112m. From Latin American Video Archives. Young girl seeks revenge on powerful landlord after seeing parents murdered by his hit-men.

"Machismo" Films for Humanities, 16m.

"The Man Who Turned Into Juice (O homem que virou suco)" [1980], dir. Joao Batista de Andrade, 97m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Odo Ya! Life With AIDS"[1997], dir. Tania Cypriano, 58m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Perfumed Ball [Baile Perfumado]" [1997], dir. Lirio Ferrira and Paulo Caldas, 93m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Pivete" silent documentary, 6m. From Latin American Video Archives. Montage of images of Rio's abandoned street children.

"Profession: Child" [1994], dir. ?, 60m. From Cinema Guild. Exploitation of child labor today.

"Return from Extinction" 50m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Roonie's Rio" [?], dir. ?, 48m. From the Directory of Latin American Films & Videos.

"Santa Marta" [1988], dir. ?, 54m. From Cinema Guild. Interviews residents of a mountaintop slum in Rio de Janeiro.

"Savage Capitalism" [1993], dir. Andre Klotzel, 86m. From Facets.

"Story of Fausta" [1988], dir. Bruno Barreto, 106m. From Latin American Video Archives. Struggles & fantasies of a domestic worker with a useless husband.

"Televangelism in Brazil" [?], dir. ?, 41m. Latin American Studies.

"Terra em Transe " [1966], dir. Glauber Rocha, 112m. From Facets.

"Tieta do Agreste" [1997], dir. Carlos Diegues, 115m. From Facets.

"There's Room [Ha Lugar]" [1987], dir. Julio Wainer & Juraci de Souza, 23m. From Latin American Video Archives. Favela dwellers' circumstances & community organizations.

"Twenty Years Later" [1984], dir. ?, 119m. From Cinema Guild. Docu-drama on murder of peasant labor organizer in early 60s, with material filmed by same crew 20 years later.

"Urban Reform" [1989], dir. Julio Wainer, 40m. From Latin American Video Archives. Unemployment & misery of urban working-class contrasted with vast wealth of entrepreneurs.

"Where to Now?"[1991], dir. Alfredo Alves, 8m. From Latin American Video Archives.


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