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Brazil: Amazon Region

(see also Brazil, Brazil: Indigenous Peoples, Brazil: Military Regime, Brazil since 1985, Brazil: Lula & the Workers' Party, Bolivia: Amazon Region, Peru: Amazon Region, Ecuador: Amazon Region, Colombia: Amazon Region & Venezuela: Amazon Region).

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On the Web: Articles

Disappearance of Amazon Rainforest Brings Pledge of Emergency Action. John Vidal, Guardian (6/28/03).

On the Web: Articles

Exports Blamed for Amazon Deforestation. Raymond Colitt, Financial Times (1/14/05).

Amazon Destruction Jumps; Environmentalists are Shocked. Axel Bugge, Environmental News Network (6/27/03).

Eyes in the Rainforest. Marcello Ballve, El Andar (sum 03). On SIVAM military surveillance project.

On the Web: Specialized Sites


Ibermundo Brazil.

Rainforest Action Network.

SIVAM (official site).

In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adriance, Madeleine Cousineau. Promised Land: Base Christian Communities & the Struggle for the Amazon (Albany: SUNY, 1995).

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In the Library: Fiction

Souza, Márcio. Galvez: imperador do Acre: folhetim (Rio de Janeiro: Editora Brasilia, 1977; English trans. Thomas Colchie;The Emperor of the Amazon; NY: Avon, 1980).

__________. A resistivel ascensão do Boto Tucuxi: folhetim (Rio de Janeiro: Marco Zero, 1982).

__________. A caligrafia de Deus (São Paulo: Marco Zero, 1994). Novel set in Manaus.

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

Souza, Márcio. Teatro (São Paulo: Marco Zero, 1997).

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Amazon Verdict" [1991], dir. Odair Redondo, 36m. From From Latin American Video Archives.

"Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest" by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2 parts of 48m each. From Filmakers' Library.

"Amazonia: Voices from the Rainforest" 70m. From Video Project.

"The Amazon: A Vanishing Rain Forest" [1988], dir. ?, 29m. From Cinema Guild. National Institute of Amazon research: how encroaching development poses threat to region's fragile ecosystem.

"Amazon: Land of Flooded Forest" [?], by National Geographic, 60m. From Teacher's Video.

"Amazon Journal" [1996], dir. Geoffrey O'Connor, 58m. From Filmakers' Library. Political events from assassination of Chico Mendes in 1988 to Yanomami massacre of 1993, & complex interactions between Indian & mestiço Brazilians.

"Amazon Sisters" [199?], dir. Anne-Marie Sweeney, ?m. From Oxford Film & Video Makers.

"Araguaia: a conspiração do silencio" [2004], dir. Ronaldo Duque, 105m. Feature film.

"At the Edge of Conquest: The Voyage of Chief Wai-Wai" [1993], dir. Geoffrey O'Connor, 28m. From Filmakers' Library. Waiapi leader travels to Brasília in search of justice.

"Balbina: Mark of Destruction" [1990], by TVT, 26m. From Latin American Video Archives. Environmental destruction resulting from construction of hydroelectric power dam near Manaus.

"Burning Season" [1993], dir. Harvey Crossland, 104m.

"The Burning Season" [1994], dir. John Frankenheimer, 123m. In video stores. Dramatized story of martyred Chico Mendes.

"The Charcoal People" [1999], dir. ?, 68m. From Cinema Guild. Documents workday lives of Amazon charcoal burners, & the toll that work takes on their health & the global environment.

"Chico Mendes" [1994], dir. Raquel Couto & Edilson Martins, 48m. From Latin American Video Archives.

"Contact: The Yanomami Indians" [1991], dir. Geoffrey O'Connor, 28m. From Filmakers' Library. Experience with goldminers since 1987.

"The Corumbiara Massacre" [1995], dir. Georges Bourdoukan, 16m. From Latin American Video Archives. Investigates killings of landless rural workers in Rondonia.

"The Decade of Destruction" [1990], dir. Adrian Cowell, six cassettes, 55m. each. From Bullfrog Films. "The Rainforest"; "The Colonists"; "The Development Road"; "The Indians"; & "The Rubber Tappers"; & "The Politicians."

"Defying Death in Brazil: The Story of Father Ricardo Rezende" [199?], dir. Geoffrey O'Connor, 16m. From Filmakers' Library. Struggle for justice in southern Pará.

"The Dolphin [O boto]" [1987], dir. Walter Lima Jr., 95m. The legend of Amazonian dolphin-man who arouses sensuality in women.

"Halting the Fires" dir. Octavio Bezerra, 52m. From Filmakers' Library. Attack on Brazilian government-sponsored program of land clearance in Amazon.

"In Good Hands: Culture and Agriculture in the Lacandon Rainforest" 27m. From Video Project.

"In a Time of Headlong Progress"45m. From Video Project.

"Iracema" [1975], dir. ?, 90m. From Cinema Guild. Semi-documentary on adventures of 14-year-old Indian girl who travels the Trans-Amazon Highway.

"The Last of the Hiding Tribes" 150m. From Bullfrog Films.

"Nomads of the Rainforest"[1987], 59m. From World Cultures on Film & Video (1997-1998)

"Rainforests: Proving Their Worth" 30m. From Video Project.

"The River of Doubt, 1914-1992" [?], dir. ?, 60m. From Teacher's Video. PBS documentary on 1914 expedition to chart the course of the river.

"Raoni: Fight for the Amazon" [1992], dir. Jean-Pierre Putilleux, 82m. From Teacher's Video.

"Saviors of the Rainforest" 90m. From Video Project.

"Taking Aim" [1993], dir. Monica Frota, 41m. From Cinema Guild. Chronicles Kayapo Indians' appropriation of video technology as political & cultural weapon, issues of power & ethnographic representation of "traditional societies."

"Xingu: Land of No Shame" [1997], dir. ?, 60m. From Cinema Guild. Daily life in Xingu National Park in Southern Amazon Basin, home to 3,500 Native Brazilians of fifteen different tribes.

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