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(see also Canada: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada: Quebec & Canadian Radicalism)

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UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators.

World Guide.

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In the Library: Articles

Isbister, John. "Agriculture, balanced growth & social change in Central Canada since 1850: an interpretation," Economic Development & Social Change 25,4 (1977):673-97.

Osterman, John. "Doctors & socialized health care in Quebec," Monthly Review 34,1 (5/82):55-64.

Heron, Craig & Robert Storey (eds.) On the Job: Confronting the Labour Process in Canada (Montreal: McGill-Queens, 1986).

Robinson, Lukin. "Different from the US: lucky Canada," Monthly Review (4/99):58-64. Informative review essay on Roberts, In the Shadow of Empire.

Saunders, Doug & Carl Wilson. "The collapse of Canada's NDP," Nation (11/29/93):660-64.

Shearer, Derek. "The North moves Left: politics in British Columbia," Working Papers for a New Society 2,1 (spr 74):49-58.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adams, Michael, with Amy Langstaff & David Jamieson. Fire & Ice: The US, Canada, & the Myth of Converging Values (Toronto: Penguin Canada, 2003).

Breton, Raymond & Others (eds.) National Survival in Dependent Societies: Social Change in Canada & Poland (Ottawa: Carleton U., 1990).

Choquette, Robert. Language & Religion: A History of English-French Conflict in Ontario (NY, 1992).

Dunlap, Thomas R. Nature & the English Diaspora: Environment & History in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (NY: Cambridge, 1999).

Dyer, Gwynne & Tina Viljoen. The Defence of Canada (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1990).

Ehring, George & Wayne Roberts. Giving Away a Miracle: Lost Dreams, Broken Promises & the Ontario NDP (Oakville ONT: Mosaic, 1993).

Gindin, Sam. The Canadian Auto Workers: The Birth & Transformation of a Union (Toronto: James Lorimer, 1995). How, while the American UAW declined, the CAW became an increasingly independent & progressive trade union.

Johnston, Richard & Others. Letting the People Decide: Dynamics of a Canadian Election (Montreal: McGill-Queens, 1992).

Keeley, Gregory S. Workers & Canadian History (Montreal: McGill, 1995).

Lower, A.R.M. The North American Assault on the Canadian Forest (New Haven: Yale, 1938).

Macfarlane, David. The Danger Tree: Memory, War, & the Search for a Family's Past (NY: Walker, 1991). World War I, epidemic disease, ecological disaster & conflict over confederation with Canada in the 20th-c. history of Newfoundland.

McNaught, Kenneth. The Pelican History of Canada (NY, 1969).

Rayside, David M. A Small Town in Modern Times: Alexandria, Ontario (Montreal: McGill-Queens, 1991). Anglo-Francophone relations.

Roberts, Joseph K. In the Shadow of Empire: Canada for Americans (NY: Monthly Review, 1998).

Roberts, Wayne. Honest Womanhood: Feminism, Femininity & Class Consciousness among Toronto Working Women, 1893-1914 (Toronto: New Hogtown, 1976).

Ryerson, Stanley. Unequal Union: Confederation & the Roots of Conflict in the Canadas, 1815-1873 (Toronto: 1968).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Bowling for Columbine" [2002], dir. Michael Moore. Includes unforgettable brief cut contrasting Canadian attitudes towards guns & violence with those of Americans.

"Marion Bridge" [2002], dir. Wiebke von Carolsfeld, 90m. Powerful family drama set in Cape Breton.

"Strangers in Good Company" [1990], dir. Cynthia Scott, 101m. From First Run Features. Seven women stranded in deserted farmhouse turn crisis into time of humor & discovery.

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