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Caribbean: General

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Acosta-Belén, Edna & Christine E. Bose (eds.) Researching Women in Latin America & the Caribbean (Boulder: Westveiw, 1993).

Browdy de Hernández, Jennifer (ed.) Women Writing Resistance: Essays on Latin America & the Caribbean (Boston: South End, 2003).

Collinson, Helen (ed.) Green Guerrillas: Environmental Conflicts & Initiatives in Latin America & the Caribbean: A Reader (London: Latin America Bureau, 199?).

Mandle, Jay R. Patterns of Caribbean Development: An Interpretive Essay on Economic Change (NY: Gordon & Breach Science, 1982).

__________. Persistent Underdevelopment: Change Economic Modernization in the West Indies (Amsterdam: Gordon & Breach, 1996).

Pattullo, Polly. Last Resorts: The Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean (London: Latin America Bureauy, 199?).

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