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Ecuador: Indigenous Peoples & Movements

(see also Latin America: Indigenous Movements)

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On the Web: Articles

Indians of Ecuador Coalescing in Quest for Political Power. Gabriel Escobar, Washington Post (7/23/96).

From Resistance to Organized Social Movement: A Comparative Study of Indigenous Movements in Ecuador & Colombia. Victoria Juan Candial (M.A. thesis in Latin American Politics, U. of Essex, 1995).

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In the Library: Articles

Anon. "Ecuador: transnational oil companies, missionary deaths & Huaorani land rights," IWGIA Newsletter 51/52 (10-12/87):35-40.

Beck, Scott H. & Kenneth J. Mijeski. "Indígena self-identity in Ecuador & the rejection of mestizaje," Latin American Research Review 35,1 (2000):119-38.

Collins, Jennifer N. "A sense of possibility: Ecuador's indigenous movement takes center stage," NACLA Report 33,5 (3-4/00):40-46.

Crespi, Muriel. "Changing power relations: the rise of peasant unions on traditional Ecuadorian haciendas," Anthropological Quarterly 44 (1971):223-40.

Korovin, Tanya. "Indigenous peasant struggles & the capitalist modernization of agriculture: Chimborazo, 1964-1991," Latin American Perspectives 24 (5/97):25-49.

__________. "Taming capitalism: the evolution of the indigenous peasant economy in Northern Ecuador," Latin American Research Review 32,3 (1997):89-110.

Meentzen, Kathe. "Resisting land grabbing in Ecuador," Cultural Survival Quarterly 10,1 (1986):30-32.

Whitten, Norman E. Jr. "The Ecuadorian levantamiento indígena of 1990 & the epitomizing symbol of 1992: reflections on nationalism, ethnic-bloc formation & racialist ideologies," in J. Hill (ed.) History, Power & Identity (Iowa City, 1996), pp. 193-218.

Zamosc, Leon. "Agrarian protest & the Indian movement in the Ecuadorian highlands," Latin American Research Review 29,3 (1994):37-68.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Moreno Yáñez, Segundo y José Figueroa. El levantamiento indígena del Inti Raymi de 1990 (Quito, 1992).

Muratorio, Blanca. Etnicidad, evangelización y protesta en el Ecuador: una perspectiva antropológica (Quito, 1982).

Velasco, Fernando. Reforma agraria y movimiento campesino indígena de la sierra (Quito, 1979).

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