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Haiti: Duvalier Regime, 1958-1986

(see also Haiti, Haiti since 1986, Haitian American History, Life & Values, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic since 1960)

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In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abbott, Elizabeth. Haiti: An Insider’s View of the Rise & Fall of the Duvaliers (NY, 1988).

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In the Library: Fiction

Greene, Graham. The Comedians (NY: Viking, 1966). Life under Duvalier.

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Film & Video

"The Agronomist" [2003], dir. Jonathan Demme, 90m. In video stores. Engaging documentary on life, work & times of Haitian radio journalist Jean Dominique, assassinated in 2000.

"Bitter Cane" [1983], dir.?, 75m. From Cinema Guild. Examines the history of Haiti, from the 1804 revolution, to the Duvalier regimes.

"Haiti Dreams of Democracy" [1987], dir.?, 52m. From Cinema Guild. Shows how popular music and songs reflect the country's political realities.

"Haitian Corner" [1998], dir. Raoul Peck, 98m. Haitian American searches in NY for man who tortured him under Duvalier.

"Haiti: le silence des chiens" [1994], dir. Raoul Peck, 52m.

"Man By the Shore (L'homme sur les quais)" [1993], dir. Raoul Peck, 106m. Young girl is exposed to brutality of Tonton Macoutes.




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