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Latin America: Japanese Immigrant History, Life & Values

(see also Japanese American History, Life & Values)

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In the Library: Articles

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

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In the Library: Fiction

Sakurai, Célia. Romanceiro da imigração japonesa (São Paulo, 1973).

Yamashita, Karen Tei. Brazil Maru (Minneapolis: Coffee House, 1992). Novel of a Japanese utopian Socialist settlement in early 20th-c. São Paulo.

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"Gaijin, a Brazilian Odyssey (Gaijin, os caminhos da liberdade)" [1980], dir. Tizuka Yamasaki, 112m. From New Yorker Films. Struggles of Japanese immigrants to Brazil.

"Gaijin II" [2003], dir. Tizuka Yamasaki, 140m.

"Japan Across the Seas (Japón a través de los mares) [1998], dir. Mabel Maio, 48m. From Latin American Video Archives. Documentary on Japanese migration to Argentina.

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