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(see also Independent Kenya since 1963)

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Eviatar, Daphne. "In cold blood," Nation (2/21/05):30-34. Review essay on Elkins, Imperial Reckoning & Anderson, Histories of the Hanged.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adamson, J. The Peoples of Kenya (London, 1967).

Anderson, David. Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya & the End of Empire (NY: Norton, 2004). Brutal war against Mau Mau in 1950s.

Bennett, George & Carl G. Rosenberg. The Kenyatta Election: Kenya, 1960-61 (London: Oxford, 1961).

Bernard, F.E. East of Mt. Kenya: Meru Agriculture in Transition (Munich: Weltforum, 1972).

Cohen, David William & E.S. Atieno Odhiambo. Siaya: The Historical Anthropology of an African Landscape (London: James Currey, 1989). Luo people of Lake Nyanza.

Delf, George. Jomo Kenyatta: Towards Truth about the "Light of Kenya" (NY: Doubleday, 1961).

Elkins, Caroline. Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya (NY: Henry Holt, 2005). Brutal British repression of Mau Mau movement among Kikuyu in 1950s.

Evans, Peter. Law & Disorder; or, Scenes of Life in Kenya (London: Secker & Warburg, 1956).

Fadiman, Jeffrey A. An Oral History of Tribal Warfare: The Meru of Mt. Kenya (Athens: Ohio U., 1982).

Furedi, Frank G. The Mau Mau War in Perspective (London: James Currey, 1989).

Harris, Joseph E. Repatriates & Refugees in a Colonial Society: The Case of Kenya (Washington: Howard U., 1987).

Hartley, Aidan. The Zanzibar Chest: A Story of Life, Love, & Death in Foreign Lands (Boston, MA: Atlantic Monthly, 2003).

Hyden, Goran; Robert Jackson & John Okumu (eds.) Development Administration: The Kenyan Experience (Nairobi: Oxford, 1970).

__________. Agriculture & Development in Africa: The Case of Kenya (Indianapolis: Universities Field Staff, 1987).

Imperato, Pascal James. Quest for the Jade Sea: Colonial Competition around an East African Lake (Boulder CO: Westview, 1998). Lake Rudolf in north.

Kennedy, Dane. Islands of White: Settler Society & Culture in Southern Rhodesia & Kenya, 1890-1939 (Durham NC: Duke, 1989).

Kenyatta, Jomo. Kenya: The Land of Conflict (Manchester: Panaf, 1944).

__________. Facing Mount Kenya: The Tribal Life of Gikuyu (London: Secker & Warburg, 1961).

__________. My People of Gikuyu, and, the Life of Chief Wangombe (London: Oxford, 1966).

Ochieng, W.R. & B.A. Ogot. The Decolonization & Independence of Kenya, 1940-1993 (London: James Currey, 1995).

Tignor, R.L. The Colonial Transformation of Kenya: The Kamba, Kikuyu & Maasai from 1900 to 1934 (Princeton: Princeton U., 1976).

In the Library: Fiction

Ngugi, James. Weep Not, Child (London: Heinemann, 1964). Kenyan life during Mau Mau wars.

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"Nowhere in Africa" [2001], dir. Caroline Link, 141m. In video stores. German Jewish refugees adjust to colonial farm life in 1930s.

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