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Independent Kenya since 1963

(see also Kenya)

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UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators

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EcoNews Africa.

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Buchanan, Keith. "The gun & the school: reflections on Ngugi wa Thiong'o's Decolonising the Mind," Race & Class ? (10-12/88).

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adamson, J. The Peoples of Kenya (London, 1967).

Bennett, George & Carl G. Rosenberg. The Kenyatta Election: Kenya, 1960-61 (London: Oxford, 1961).

Bernard, F.E. East of Mt. Kenya: Meru Agriculture in Transition (Munich: Weltforum, 1972).

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Throup, David W. & Charles Hornsby. Multi-Party Politics in Kenya: The Kenyatta & Moi States & the Triumph of the System in the 1992 Election (Athens: Ohio U., 1998).

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