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Latin America: Drug War

(see also Drug Trade & Abuse, War on Drugs, Drug Policy Reform, US & Latin America, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia & Mexico)

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On the Web: Articles

Salt of the Earth: The US War on Drugs as Ecoterrorism. Juan D. Hidalgo (12/14/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Narco News Bulletin.

Resource Center of the Americas. News links.

In the Library: Articles

Craig, Richard B. "La campaña permanente: Mexico's anti-drug campaign," Journal of Inter-American Studies & World Affairs 20,1 (1978):107-32.

Fernández-Carrión, M. & J.L. Valverde. "Research note on Spanish-American drug traded," Pharmacy History 30,1 (1988):27-32.

Gootenberg, Paul. "Between coca & cocaine: a century or more of US-Peruvian drug paradoxes," Hispanic American Historical Review 83,1 (2/03):119-50.

Kawell, JoAnn. "Drug economies of the Americas," NACLA Report 36,2 (9-10/02):8-17.

Mabry, Donald. "The US military & the war on drugs in Latin America," Journal of Interamerican Studies & World Affairs 30 (sum-fall 88):53-76.

Pyes, Craig. "The war of the flowers," Oui (1977):95-108.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Carpenter, Ted Galen. Bad Neighbor Policy: Washington's Futile War on Drugs in Latin America (NY: Palgrave, 2002).

Gay, Robert. Lucia: Testimonies of a Brazilian Drug Dealer's Woman (Philadelphia: Temple, 2005).

Morales, Edmundo. Cocaine: White Gold Rush in Peru (Tucson: U. Arizona, 1989).

Pacini, Deborah & Christine Franquemont (eds.) Coca & Cocaine: Effects on People & Policy in Latin America (NY: Cambridge, 1986).

Tullis, Lamond. Unintended Consequences: Illegal Drugs & Drug Policies in Nine Countries (Boulder, 1995).

Walker, William O. III. Drug Control in the Americas (Albuquerque: U. New Mexico, 1981). Includes story of Leopoldo Salazar Viniegra & formulation of rational policy in Mexico in 1930's, changed to conform with prohibitionist US policy in 1940.

In the Library: Fiction

Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. La reina del sur (Madrid: Alfaguara, 2002).

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Film & Video:

"Maria Full of Grace (Maria, llena eres de gracia)" [2004], dir. Joshua Marston, 101m. In video stroes. Stark, moving, strangely hopeful story of teenaged Colombian "drug mule" to New York.

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