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Latin America: General

(see also Latin America: Women, Latin America: Indigenous Peoples, Latin America: Drug War, Caribbean: General & Central America: General)

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Björn Kumm's Note

CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

New Internationalist Profile

UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators

World Guide

World Guide (Montevideo)

On the Web: Articles

US Offensive in Latin America: Coups, Retreats, and Radicalization, James Petras, Monthly Review (5/02). US Latin America policy designed either to extend empire or squelch challenges to hegemony.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA).


Americas Program of the Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC).

Latin America Press .

Latin America Solidarity Coalition.

Latin American Working Group.

North American Council on Latin America (NACLA).

Resource Center of the Americas.

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

In the Library: Articles

Edwards, Beatrice. "IDB plan to sell the public sector: the cure or the ill?" NACLA Report 36,4 (1-2/03):13-19,

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Acosta-Belén, Edna & Christine E. Bose (eds.) Researching Women in Latin America & the Caribbean (Boulder: Westveiw, 1993).

Bose, Christine E. & Edna Acosta-Belén (eds.) Women in the Latin American Development Process (Philadelphia: Temple, 1995).

Centeno, Miguel Angel. Blood & Debt: War & the Nation-State in Latin America (University Park: Pennsylvania State, 2003).

Chasteen, John Charles. National Rhythms, African Roots. The Deep History of Latin American Popular Dance (Albuquerque: U. of New Mexico, 2003).

Collinson, Helen (ed.) Green Guerrillas: Environmental Conflicts & Initiatives in Latin America & the Caribbean: A Reader (London: Latin America Bureau, 199?).

Conniff, Micael L. (ed). Populism in Latin America (Tuscaloosa: U. of Alabama, 1999).

Domíguez, Jorge I. & Michael Shifter (eds). Constructing Democratic Governance in Latin America (2nd ed.) (Balitmore: Johns Hopkins, 2003).

Dore, Elizabeth (ed.) Gender Politics in Latin America: Debates in Theory & Practice (NY: Monthly Review, 1997).

Dorner, Peter. Latin American Land Reforms in Theory & Practice: A Retrospective Analysis (Madison: U. Wisconsin, 2002).

Fisher, Jo. Out of the Shadows. Women, Resistance & Politics in South America (London: Latin America Bureau, 199?).

Garretón, Manuel Antonio, Marcelo Cavarozzi, Peter S. Cleaves, Gary Gereffi, & Jonathan Hartlyn. Latin America in the 21st C: Toward a New Sociopolitical Matrix (Miami: North-South Center, 2003).

Gilbert, Alan. The Latin American City (London: Latin America Bureau, 199?).

Green, Duncan. Silent Revolution: The Rise of Market Economics in Latin America (London: Latin America Bureau, 1996).

Hedrick, Tace. Mestizo Modernism: Race, Nation & Identity in Latin American Culture, 1900-1940 (Piscataway NJ: Rutgers, 2003).

Jonas, Susanne & Nancy Stein (eds.) Democracy in Latin America: Visions & Realities (NY: Bergin & Garvey, 1990).

_________ & Edward J. McCaughan (eds.) Latin America Faces the 21st C.: Reconstructing a Social Justice Agenda (Boulder: Westview, 1994).

Rowe, William & Vivian Schelling. Memory & Modernity: Popular Culture in Latin America (London: Verso, 1991).

Smith, Peter H. Democracy in Latin America: Political Change in Comparative Perspective (NY: Oxford, 2005).

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