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CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

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UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators

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Phiri, Kings M. "A case of revolutionary change in contemporary Malawi: the Malawi Army & the disarming of the Malawi Young Pioneers," Journal of Peace, Conflict & Military Studies (Harare) 1,1 (3/00).

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Cammack, Diana. At the Crossroads: Freedom of Expression in Malawi. Final Report of the 1999 Article 19 Malawi Election Media Monitoring Project (London: Article 19, 2000).\

Carver, Richard. Where Silence rules: The Suppression of Dissent in Malawi (NY: Human Rights Watch, 1990).

__________. Malawi, Between the Referendum & the Elections (Geneva: UNHCR, 1994).

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Zeleza, Tiyambe. Smouldering Charcoal (London: Heinemann, 1993). Human spirit triumphs over corruption & collective despair.

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