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Mexcio: Jalisco since 1850

(see also Mexico: Porfiriato, Mexico: Revolution 1910-1920, Mexico: Revolutionary Consolidation 1920-1940, Mexico: PRI Regime 1940-1968, Mexico: PRI Regime since 1969)

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Jiménez-Pelayo, Agueda. El crecimiento urbano de Guadalajara, 1542-1990 (Zapopan, 1995).

Logan, Kathleen. Haciendo Pueblo: The Development of a Guadalajara Suburb (University: U. of Alabama, 1984).

Taylor, Paul S. A Spanish-Mexican Peasant Community: Arandas in Jalisco, Mexico (Berkeley: U. of California, 1933). Pioneering study of smallholders in Altos de Jalisco, causes & consequences of emigration to US.

Valenzuea Zapata, Ana G. & Gary Paul Nabhan. ¡Tequila! A Natural & Cultural History (Tucson: U. of Arizona, 2004).

Zendejas, Sergio & Pieter de Vries (eds.) Rural Transformations Seen from Below: Regional & Local Perspectives from Western Mexico (San Diego, 1995).

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Alatorre Vergara, Carlos. De hombres, perros y víboras (Guadalajara, 1996).

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