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Nicaragua: Atlantic Coast

(see also Nicaragua, Nicaragua: Sandinista Regime, Nicaragua since 1990 & Central America General)

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CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

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UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators

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Ibermundo Nicaragua

In the Library: Articles

Bourgois, Philippe. "Nicaragua's ethnic minorities in the Revolution," Monthly Review 36,8 (1/85):22-44.

CIDCA, "The Atlantic Coast: a policy of genocide?" Envío 3, 35 (6/84).

Hale, Charles. "Ethnopolitics, regional war, & a revolution's quest for survival: an assessment of the Miskitu question in Nicaragua," Alternative Newsletter 19 (6/84).

Ortiz, Roxanne Dunbar. "Miskitus in Nicaragua: who is violating human rights?" in Stanford Central America Action Network, Revolution in Central America (Boulder: Westview, 1983), pp. 466-70.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Americas Watch. Human Rights in Nicaragua (NY, 1984).

CIDCA. Trabil Nani: Historical Background & Current Situation of the Atlantic Coast (Managua: CIDCA, 1984).

García Gallardo, Araceli. Donde vuelan las gaviotas: género y etnia. Regiones autónomas de Nicaragua (1979-1992) (Managua: Colectivo Gaviota, 2000).

Pineda, Baron L. Shipwrecked Identities: Navigating Race on Nicaragua's Miskito Coast (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 2006).

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Murguía, Alejandro & Barbara Paschke (eds.) Volcán: Poems from Central America (San Francisco: City Lights, 1983). Bilingual ed. containing poems by Fanor Tellez, Ivan Uriarte & David Macfield.

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"Cross Currents on the Miskito Coast" [1988], dir. Melissa Young, 28m. From Moving Images. Ethnic politics among Miskito, Creole & Mestizos on north Atlantic Coast.

"The Garifuna Journey" [?], dir. Andrea E. Leland & Kathy L. Berger, ?m. From New Day Films.

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