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Nicaragua since 1990

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CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

New Internationalist Profile.

UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators.

World Guide.

On the Web: Articles

The Rise & Fall of the FSLN. Alejandro Bendaña, NACLA Report 37,6 (5-6/04).

Neo-Liberal Nicaragua is a Neo-Banana Republic. Toni Solo, ZNet (9/03).

The Lost Revolution. Marc Cooper, Mother Jones (9-10/01). Critical view of Sandinistas' conduct out of power in 90's.

Miami Herald articles on Nicaragua 1999-2003.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Countrywatch: Nicaragua.

Ibermundo Nicaragua.

International Labor Rights Fund.

Latin American Working Group.

Nicaragua Network. Current news & action bulletins.

Puntos de Encuentro (Managua Women's Network).

Resource Center of the Americas.

Visión Sandinista.

Witness for Peace.

In the Library: Articles

Abu-Lughod, Deena I. "Failed buyout: land rights for Contra veterans in postwar Nicaragua," Latin American Perspectives 27 (5/00):32-62.

Anon. "Chamorro's Nicaragua: the US team moves in," Resource Center Bulletin 21 (fall 90).

Babb, Florence E. "Out in public: gay & lesbian activism in Nicaragua," NACLA Report 37,6 (5-6/04): 27-30.

Bendaña, Alejandro. "The rise & fall of the FSLN," NACLA Report 37,6 (5-6/04):21-26.

Brown, Rep. Sherrod. "Pentagon sweatshops," Progressive (2/01):30-32. Taiwanese maquiladoras in low-wage "Free Trade Zone" produce garments for sale in US Army PXs.

Dore, Elizabeth. "Rethinking the Sandinista legacy," In These Times (9/2/96).

Dunkerley, James. "Reflections on the Nicaraguan election," New Left Refiew 182 (1990):33-50.

Dye, David. "End games," In These Times (6/27/94):26-27. Lack of internal democracy in Sandinista Party.

__________. "Butting heads," In These Times (12/9/96). Electoral victory of Arnoldo Alemán.

Jeffrey, Paul. "Nicaraguans reject Sandinista leader's bid to retake power," National Catholic Reporter (11/16/01):6-7.

Lantigua, John. "Letter from Nicaragua," Nation (11/12/01):28-30. An old hand from the Sandinista years revisits "neoliberal" Nicaragua.

McConnell, Shelley A. "The electoral defeat of the Sandinista regime: a postmortem," Latin American Research Review 32,1 (1996):211-26.

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__________. "The threat of globalization with a human face," Committee for Health Rights in the Americas News 16,2 (1999):6-10.

__________. "The vicissitudes of structural violence: the case of Nicaragua at the end of the 20th C.," in M. McCue (ed.) Global Health & Social Justice (NY, 2001).

Ross, Robert J.S. & Charles Kernaghan. "Countdown in Managua," Nation (9/4/00):25-27. On union-busting in post-Sandinista Nicaragua, & international labor solidarity.

Sklar, Holly. "Nicaraguans voted their stomachs over hearts," National Catholic Reporter (3/30/90. Prescient brief commentary by an observer of the Sandinistas' first electoral defeat.

Spoor, Max. "Neo-liberalism & institutional reform in post-1990 Nicaragua: the impact on grain markets," Bulletin of Latin American Research 13,2 (1994):185-202.

Swift, Richard. "Interview with Sandra Ramos," New Internationalist (5/96):31. Women's issues with the Sandinista movement.

Vilas, Carlos. "Nicaragua: a revolution that fell from grace of the people," in Socialist Register 1991 (London, 1991).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Babb, Florence E. After Revolution: Mapping Gender & Cultural Politics in Neoliberal Nicaragua (Austin: U. of Texas, 2001).

Castro, Vanessa & Gary Prevost (eds.) The 1990 Elections in Nicaragua & their Aftermath (Lanham MD, 1992).

Dore, Elizabeth. Myths of Modernity: Peonage & Patriarchy in Nicaragua (Durham NC: Duke, 2006).

Dye, David R.; Judy Butler, Deena Abu-Lughod, Jack Spence & George Vickers. Contesting Everything, Winning Nothing: The Search for Consensus in Nicaragua, 1990-1995 (Cambridge MA, 1995).

Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional. Propuesta de Transformación del FSLN (Managua, 1998).

García Gallardo, Araceli. Donde vuelan las gaviotas: género y etnia. Regiones autónomas de Nicaragua (1979-1992) (Managua: Colectivo Gaviota, 2000).

Guillermoprieto, Alma. The Heart that Bleeds (NY, 1994). Includes essay on Managua in 1990.

Prevost, Gary & Harry E. Vanden (eds.) The Undermining of the Sandinista Revolution (NY, 1997).

Quesada, James. Contested Lives, Contested Territories: An Ethnography of Polarization, Distress & Suffering in Post-Sandinista Nicaragua (unpub. PhD; U. of California in San Francisco, 1994).

Randall, Margaret. Sandino's Daughters Revisited: Feminism in Nicaragua (New Brunswick NJ: Rutgers, 1994).

Robinson, William I. A Faustian Bargain: US Intervention in the Nicaraguan Elections & American Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era (Boulder: Westview, 1992). Role of National Endowment for Democracy & Free Trade Union Institute in overthrowing Sandinista government.

Rockwell, Rick & Noreene Janus. Media Power in Central America (Urbana: U. Illinois, 2003). Draws connection between commercial media & authoritarian regimes.

Schwartz, Stephen. A Strange Silence: The Emergence of Democracy in Nicaragua (Lanham MD, 1992).

Smith, Hazel. Nicaragua: Self-Determinism & Survival (Boulder CO, 1993).

van Heijningen, Hans & Bob van der Winden. Sniffing Glue: Life in Managua's Dead-End Street (Managua: Asociación TESIS, 200?).

Walker, Thomas W. (ed.) Nicaragua Without Illusions: Regime Transition & Structural Adjustment in the 1990s (Wilmington DE: Scholarly Resources, 1997).

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CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Casita" [2001], dir. Ana Coyne Alonso, 50m. Urban tribe of street girls, "Las comevivas," survives by occupying abandoned bank building in Managua.

"Coffee Break!" [200?], dir. Jergen Laurvig & Bent Erik Kroyere, 27m. From Filmakers' Library. Labor routine of coffee harvest on farm near Nicaraguan-Honduran border.

"The World Stopped Watching" [2003], dir. Peter Raymont, 52m or 82m. From First Run/Icarus. Revisits people featured in his film about Contra war, "The World is Watching" [1987] to explore ravages of 1990s.

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