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Papua New Guinea: Bougainville

(see also Papua New Guinea)

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Bougainville Freedom Movement.

Bougainville Independence. World History Archives.

Human Rights Watch: Papua New Guinea.

Solidarity South Pacific.

Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization (UNPO).

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Breen, Bob. Giving Peace a Chance: Operation Lagoon, Bougainville, 1994. A Case of Military Action & Diplomacy (Canberra: ANU Strategic & Defense Studies Centre, 2001).

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Denoon, Donald. Getting Under the Skin: The Bougainville Copper Agreement & the Creation of the Panguna Mine (Carlton: Melbourne U., 1999).

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Harris, Geoff; Naihuwo Ahai & Rebecca Spence. Building Peace in Bougainville (Armadale: U. of New England Centre for Peace Studies, 1999).

Mamak, Alexander & Richard Bedford. Bougainvillean Nationalism: Aspects of Unity & Discord (Christchurch NZ, 1974).

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Spriggs, Matthew & Donald Denoon (eds.) The Bougainville Crisis: 1991 (Bathurst NSW: Crawford House, 1992).

Wehner, Monica & Donald Denoon (eds.) Without a Gun: Australians' Experiences Monitoring Peace in Bougainville, 1997-2001 (Canberra: Pandanus, 2001).

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"Bougainville: Our Island, Our Fight" [1997], dir. Wayne Coles-Janess, 57m. Struggle for independence against PNG.

"The Coconut Revolution" [1999], by Stampede Productions, 50m. Bougainville People's Army vs. Rio Tinto Zinc, put down by PNG Army.


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