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(see also Philippines: US Colonial Period, Philippines: Marcos Era, Philippines: Marxist Insurgency, Philippines: Muslim South, Philippines: Tribal Peoples, Military Bases Abroad & Filipino American History, Life & Values)

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CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

New Internationalist Profile.

UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators.

World Guide.

On the Web: Articles

Side By Side: U.S. Lies And Broken Promises. Emil Guillermo, San Francisco Chronicle (2/5/02). Critical view of US involvement in the 20th-c. Philippines

Attack Altering Politics Across Southeast Asia. Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Wash Post (10/11/01)
Filipino & other governments challenged on decision to support US war on terrorism

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Bayan (Bagong Alyansang Makabayan) (New Patriotic Alliance). Links to other Filipino peace & justice organizations.

Gabriela (National Alliance of Women's Organizations in the Philippines). Maintains global Purple Rose Campaign against sexual trafficking of Filipina women & children.

Just Peace (Philippine Community Website on Peace & Conflict Transformation)

Los Indios Bravos/The Filipino Solidarity Project

.Philippine European Solidarity Centre.

Solidarity Philippines Australia Network.

WWW Virtual Library.

In the Library: Articles

Bello, Walden. "Letter from Manila," Nation (2/19/01):22-25. On the troubled presidency (1998-2001) & forced resignation of Joseph Estrada.

Kerkvliet, Benedict J.. "Claiming the land: take-overs by villagers in the Philippines with comparisons to Indonesia, Peru, Portugal & Russia," Journal of Peasant Studies 20,3 (apr 1993):459-93.

Margold, Jane A. "From ‘cultures of fear & terror’ to the normalization of violence: an ethnographic case," Critique of Anthropology 19,1 (1999):63-88.

Ravenholt, Albert. "The spoils of nationalism: The Philippines," in Kalman Silvert (ed.) Expectant Peoples: Nationalism & Development (NY: Vintage, 1967), pp. 178-96. Useful background on governance of early Republic.

Triedman, Julie. "Philippines: a dangerous environment for activists," in Human Rights Watch/Natural Resources Defense Council, Defending the Earth: Abuses of Human Rights & the Environment (NY, 1992), pp. 77-88.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abinales, Patricio (ed.) The Revolution Falters: The Left in Philippine Politics after 1986 (Ithaca, 1996).

Bello, Walden; David Kinley & Elaine Elinson. Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines (San Francisco, 1982).

__________ & Severina Rivera. The Logistics of Repression & Other Essays. The Role of U.S. Assistance in Consolidating the Martial Law Regime in the Philippines (Washington, 1977).

Berlow, Alan. Dead Season. A Story of Murder & Revenge on the Philippine Island of Negros (NY, 1996).

Bonner, Raymond. Waltzing with a Dictator. The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy (NY, 1987).

Bresnan, John. Crisis in the Philippines. The Marcos Era & Beyond (Princeton, 1986).

Broad, Robin with John Cavanagh. Plundering Paradise. The Struggle for the Environment in the Philippines (Berkeley, 1993).

Carino, Jessica K. The Mass Movement Against Open-Pit Mining in the Cordillera (Baguio: U. of the Philippines, 1992).

Collins, Joseph. The Philippines: Fire on the Rim (San Francisco, 1989).

Constantino, Renato. Neocolonial Identity & Counter-Consciousness. Essays on Cultural Decolonization (White Plains NY, 1978).

__________. A History of the Philippines (NY: Monthly Review, 1975).

Coote, Belinda. The Hunger Crop: Poverty & the Sugar Industry (Boston, 1987).

Cullather, Nick. Illusions of Influence: The Political Economy of US-Philippines Relations, 1942-1960 (Stanford CA: Stanford U., 1994).

de la Torre, Edicio. Touching Ground, Taking Root: Theological & Political Reflections on the Philippines Struggle (London, 1986).

Diokno, Jose W. A Nation for Our Children. Selected Writings (Quezon City, 1987).

Friesen, Dorothy. Critical Choices. A Journey with the Filipino People (Grand Rapids, 1988).

Gamalinda, Eric. Saving the Earth. The Philippine Experience (Manila, 1991).

Garcia, Ed. The Filipino Quest: A Just & Lasting Peace (Quezon City, 1988).

__________ & Francisco Nemenzo. The Sovereign Quest. Freedom from Foreign Military Bases (Quezon City, 1988).

Gaspar, Karl. How Long? Prison Reflections from the Philippines (Maryknoll NY, 1984).

Gica, Ivar. Cash, Charity & Controversy: The Story of the Gaming Casinos in the Philippines (Las Pinas City: Gica Public Relations, 2000).

Goodno, James B. The Philippines. Land of Broken Promises (London, 1991).

Hamilton-Paterson, James. Playing with Water: Passion & Solitude on a Philippine Island (NY, 1989).

Hedman, Eva-Lotta E. & John Sidel. Philippine Politics & Society in the 20th C.: Colonial Legacies, Post-Colonial Trajectories (NY: Routledge, 2001).

Jenkins, Shirley. American Economic Policy toward the Philippines (Stanford CA: Stanford U., 1954).

Kasch, Volker. The Pain Will Grow Until Justice is Done. What Can We Do to Enforce Human Rights in the Philippines? (Quezon City, 1987).

Kerkvliet, Benedict J. The Huk Rebellion: A Study of Peasant Revolt in the Philippines (Berkeley, 1977).

__________. Everyday Politics in the Philippines. Class & Status Relations in a Central Luzon Village (Berkeley, 1990).

Kessler, Richard J. Rebellion & Repression in the Philippines (New Haven, 1989).

Lansdale, Edward G. In the Midst of Wars: An American's Mission to Southeast Asia (NY, 1991).

May, R.J. & F. Nemenzo (eds.) The Philippines after Marcos (London, 1985).

McAndrew, John (ed.) Monks, Dreamers, Preachers & Rebels: Religious Solutions to the Problem of Meaning in a Peripheral Capitalist Society (Manila, 1987).

McCoy, Alfred W. Priests on Trial (Ringwood, Victoria, 1984).

__________ & Ed. C. de Jesus (eds.) Philippine Social History. Global Trade & Local Transformations (Honolulu, 1982).

__________ (ed.) An Anarchy of Families: State & Family in the Philippines (Madison, 1993).

O’Brien, Niall. Revolution from the Heart (NY, 1987).

__________. Island of Tears, Island of Hope: Living the Gospel in a Revolutionary Situation (Maryknoll, 1993).

Pimentel, Benjamin. Rebolusyon! A Generation of Struggle in the Philippines (NY, 1992).

Porter, Gareth & Delfin J. Ganapin, Jr. Resources, Population, & the Philippines’ Future (Holmes PA, 1988).

Putzel, James. A Captive Land: The Politics of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines (NY: Monthly Review, 199?).

San Juan, E. Crisis in the Philippines. The Making of a Revolution (South Hadley MA, 1986).

Schirmer, Daniel B. & Stephen R. Shalom (eds.) The Philippines Reader. A History of Colonialism, Neocolonialism, Dictatorship, & Resistance (Boston, 1987).

Scipes, Kim. KMU: Building Genuine Trade Unionism in the Philippines, 1980-1994 (Quezon City, 1996).

Scott, James & Ben Kerkvliet (eds.) Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance in Southeast Asia (London, 1986).

In the Library: Fiction

Finch, Phillip. Sugarland (NY, 1991).

Gamalinda, Eric. Planet Waves (Manila, 1989).

Hamilton-Paterson, James. Ghosts of Manila (NY, 1999).

Jose, F. Sionil. Dusk (NY, 1998).

__________. My Brother, My Executioner (Manila, 1979).

__________. Tree (Manila, 1978).

__________. The Pretenders (Manila, 197?).

__________. Mass (Manila, 1984).

Rosca, Ninotchka. State of War (NY, 1988)

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Turumba," dir. Kidlak Tahimik.

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