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Sudan: Darfur

(see also Sudan & Chad)

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Al Bawaba: Middle East Gateway. Section for each country.

CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

New Internationalist Profile.

UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators.

World Guide.

On the Web: Articles

Darfur: Never Again? Anne Penketh, Independent [Truthout] (1/26/05).

Dying in Darfur. Samantha Power, New Yorker (8/30/04). Detailed eyewitness account of "ethnic cleansing."

Tread Softly in Sudan. Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun (8/15/04).

Terror in Darfur: Can American Muslims Do Something? Muqtedar Khan, Alt.Muslim (7/2/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Darfur Peace & Development Fund.

Massaleit Community in Exile. Monitors human rights violations in Western Sudan; links to many articles.

Middle East Research & Information Project. Publishes indispensable MERIP Report.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Buchanan-Smith, Margaret. Food Security Planning in the Wake of an Emergency Relief Operation: The Case of Darfur, Western Sudan (Brighton: U. of Sussex, 1990).

De Waal, Alexander. Famine that Kills: Darfur, Sudan, 1984-1985 (NY: Oxford, 1989).

Flint, Julie. Darfur Destroyed: Ethnic Cleansing by Government & Militia Forces in Western Sudan (NY: Human Rights Watch, 2004).

Henriques, Robert D.Q. Death By Moonlight: An Account of a Darfur Journey (NY: W. Morrow, 1938).

Hoty, Ladislav. Neighbors & Kinsman: A Study of the Berti People of Darfur (London: C. Hurst, 1974).

Ibrahim, Fouad N. Ecological Imbalance in the Republic of Sudan: With Reference to Desertification in Darfur (Bayreuth: Bayreuth Verlagsgesellschaft, 1984).

International Crisis Group. Darfur Rising: Sudan's New Crisis (Brussels: ICG, 2004).

Lefkow, Leslie. Darfur in Flames: Atrocities in Western Sudan (NY: Human Rights Watch, 2004).

Rünger, Mechtild. Land Law & Land Use Control in Sudan: The Case of Southern Darfur (Atlantic Highlands NJ: Ithaca, 1988).

Verney, Peter et al. Sudan: Conflicts & Minorities (London, 1995).

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Film & Video

"The Devil Came on Horseback" [2007], dirs. Ricky Stern & Ann Sundberg, 85m.

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