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(see also Netherlands & Dutch West Indies)

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Björn Kumm's Note.

CIA World Factbook. Includes map.

New Internationalist Profile.

UN Development Program, Human Development Indicators.

World Guide.

World Guide (Montevideo).

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WWW Virtual Library

In the Library: Articles

Brana-Shute, Gary. "Suriname: the nation against the state," Current History 94 (2/95):86-91.

__________. "Suriname: a military & its auxiliaries," Armed Forces & Society 22,3 (spr 96):469-85.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Americas Watch. Human Rights in Suriname (NY, 1983).

Chin, Henk E. & Hans Buddinghe. Suriname: Politics, Economics & Society (NY: F. Pinter, 1987).

Dew, Edward M. The Difficult Flowering of Suriname: Ethnicity & Politics in a Plural Society (Hague: Nijhoff, 1978).

__________. The Trouble in Suriname, 1975-1993 (Westport CT: Praeger, 1994).

Essed, Philomena. Everyday Racism: Reports from Women of Two Cultures (Claremont CA: Hunter House, 1990). Cf. Surinamese experience in Netherlands, Black experience in US.

Ledgister, F.S.J. Class Alliances & the Liberal Authoritarian State: The Roots of Post-Colonial Democracy in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, & Suriname (Trenton NJ: Africa World, 1998).

Sedoc-Dahlberg, Betty (ed.) The Dutch Caribbean: Prospects for Democracy (NY: Gordon & Breach, 1990).

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