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Diamond Trade

(see also Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola & South Africa)

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On the Web: Articles

World Diamond Cop-Out: NGOs Call on the Diamond Industry to Clean Up Its Act. Amnesty International, Canada (10/25/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Congressonal Hearings on Covert Action in Africa (4/16/01)

Stop Conflict Diamonds Now! (Oxfam campaign)

In the Library: Articles

Fishman, Ted C. "Making a killing: the myth of capital's good intentions," Harper's (8/02):33-41.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Carstens, Peter. In the Company of Diamonds: De Beers, Kleinzee & the Control of a Town (Athens OH, 2001).

Epstein, Edward Jay. The Rise & Fall of Diamonds: The Shattering of a Brilliant Illusion (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1982).

Greenhaigh, P.A.L. West African Diamonds, 1919-1983: An Economic History (Manchester: Manchester U., 1985).

Farrell-Roberts, Jean. Blood-Stained Diamonds (CD Rom from Impact Media in Bristol, 2001).

Hodges, Tony. Angola: From Afro-Stalinism to Petro-Diamond Capitalism (Bloomington: Indiana U., 2001).

Kanfer, Stefan. The Last Empire: De Beers, Diamonds & the World (N: Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 1993).

Koskoff, David E. The Diamond World (NY: Harper & Row, 1981).

Lévy, Bernard Henri. War, Evil & the End of History (trans. Charlotte Mandell; Hoboken NJ: Melville House, 2004). Chap. 1 on diamond trade.

Newbury, C.W. The Diamond Ring: Business, Politics & Precious Stones in South Africa, 1867-1947 (Oxford: Clarendon, 1989).

Roberts, Janine. Glitter & Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel (NY: Disinformation, 2003).

US Congress. House Committee on Intl Relations, Subcommittee on Africa. Africa's Diamonds: Precious, Perilous Too? Hearings (5/00) (Washington, 2000).

US Congress. House Committee on Ways & Means, Subcommittee on Trade. Trade in African Diamonds, Hearings (9/13/00) (Washington, 2000).

__________. Conflict Diamonds, Hearing (10/10/01) (Washington, 2001).

Van der Gaag, Nikki. Trigger Issues: Diamonds (?: New Internationalist, 2007).

Wheatcroft, G.S.A. The Randlords (NY: Atheneum, 1985).

Worger, William H. South Africa's City of Diamonds: Mine Workers & Monopoly Capitalism in Kimberley, 1867-1895 (New Haven: 1987).

Zack-Williams, Alfred. Tributors, Supporters & Merchant Capital: Mining & Underdevelopment in Sierra Leone (Aldershot: Avebury, 1994).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Diamond Empire" [1992], dir. Laurie Flynn for Documentary Consortium. From PBS Video.

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