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Free Trade

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Alliance for Responsible Trade.

In the Library: Articles

Bacon, David. "Tijuana troubles: NAFTA is failing Mexican workers," In These Times (8/21/00):23-24.

Grinspun, Ricardo & Maxwell A. Cameron. "NAFTA & the political economy of Mexico's external relations," Latin American Research Review 31,3 (1996): 161-88.

Simon, Joel. “NAFTA – the view from Tijuana,” Nation (11/30/92):664-67.

Williams, Mike. “Free Trade pact could shake Latin American economies,” Santa Cruz Sentinel (11/20/03):B8

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Barndt, Deborah (ed.) Women Working the NAFTA Food Chain: Women, Food & Globalization (Toronto: Sumach, 2004).

Brown, Sherrod. The Myths of Free Trade: Why American Trade Policy Has Failed (NY: New Press, 2004).

Folsom, Ralph H. NAFTA & Free Trade in the Americas in a Nutshell (St. Paul: Thomson/West, 2004).

French, Lawrence & Magdaleno Manzanarez. NAFTA & Neocolonialism: Comparative Criminal, Human & Social Justice (Lanham MD: U. Press of America, 2004).

Gallagher, Kevin P. Free Trade & the Environment: Mexico, NAFTA & Beyond (Stanford CA: Stanford Law & Politics, 2004).

McGinn, Chris & Others. NAFTA's Broken Promises: Fast Track to Unsafe Food (Washington: Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, 1997).

Solomon, Joel. Canada/Mexico/US: Trading Away Rights. The Unfulfilled Promise of NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement (NY: Human Rights Watch, 2001).

Weintraub, Sydney (ed.) NAFTA's Impact on North America: The First Decade (Washington: CSIS, 2004).

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In the Library: Photography

Casey, Maureen & Marie Triller. Border Witness: Youth Confront NAFTA. A Photographic Essay (Albany NY: NY State Labor-Religion Coalition, 2001).

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Bitter Aftertaste" [2005], dir. Philip Thompson, ?m. Raises doubts about the impact of Fair Trade on poverty in poor cacao-producing countries.

"This Is What Free Trade Looks Like: The NAFTA Fraud in Mexico, the Failure of the WTO, & the Case for Global Revolt" [2006], dir. Amory Starr, 60m. From AK Press.

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