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Land Reform

(see also Family Farming, Corporate Farming, Privatization)

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Land Policy Center.

Land Research Action Network.

Land Tenure Center (U. of Wisconsin).

Liberation Theology & Land Reform.

SD Dimensions (journal of FAO's Sustainable Development Department).

In the Library: Articles

Cousins, Ben. "Land tenure and economic development in rural South Africa: constraints and opportunities," National Conference on Land and Agrarian Reform in South Africa, (7/25/99).

Langevin, Mark S., & Peter Rosset. "Land reform from Below: The Landless Worker's Movement in Brazil," Food First Backgrounder V.4, No.3 (Fall, 1997).

Lindsay, Reed. "Land reform returns to center stage in Brazil," Washington Report on the Hemisphere, 20:12 (8/7/2000).

Rosset, Peter. "Tides shift on Agrarian Reform: New Movements Show the Way," Food First (Win, 2001)

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Conroy, Michael & Douglas Murray & Peter Rosset. A Cautionary Tale: Failed US Development Policy in Latin America (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 1997).

Deere, Carmen Diana & Magdalena Leon. Gender, Property & Empowerment: Land, State & Market in Latin America (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburg, 2001).

Deininger, Klaus. Making Negotiated Land Reform Work: Initial Experience from Columbia, Brazil & South Africa (Washington: World Bank, 1999).

Sobhan, Rehman. Agrarian Reform and Social Transformation: Preconditions for Development (London, UK: Zed Books, 1993).

Thiesenhusen, William C. Broken Promises: Agrarian Reform and the Latin American Campesino (Boulder: Westview, 1995).

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