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(see also Family Farming, Small Business & Community Currency)

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One facet of the world-wide movement against a "globalization" that impoverishes most human beings for the "benefit" of a few, & blights the lives of all with the threat of devastating violence, is to declare independence from states & giant corporations, & a recommit ourselves to local spaces, local identities, local decision-making, & insofar as possible the self-sufficiency of local economies. When economic & political decisions are made by those who will have to live with their consequences, they are less likely to be harmful to humanity & nature than when they are made for short-term profit by people far away who are unconcerned with their consequences.

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The Idea of a Local Economy. Wendell Berry, Orion (02).

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Boulder Independent Business Alliance.

Co-Op America.

Global Ideas Bank.

Global Stewards..

National Main Street Center.

New Rules Project (Institute for Local Self-Reliance).

Tradelocal (Charlottesville, VA).

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Berry, Wendell. Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community (NY: Pantheon, 1992).

Pearce, Joseph. Small is Still Beautiful (London: Harper Collins, 2001).

Schumacher, E.F. Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered (NY: Harper & Row, 1973).

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