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On the Web: Articles

Practical Help for Afghans, Fred P. Hochberg, NY Times (1/5/02). Micro-lending may be key to rebuilding country.

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Fonkoze (Fondasyon Kole Zepòl). Provides small loans to the organized poor in Haiti.

Microcredit Summit Campaign. Links to a great number of worldwide providers of microcredit.

Opportunity International.


In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Bornstein, David. The Price of a Dream: the Story of the Grameen Bank & the Idea that is Helping the Poor to Change Their Lives (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1996).

Counts, Alex. Give Us Credit (NY: Times Books, 1996).

Fugelsang, Andreas & Dale Chandler with Daya Akuretiyagama. Participation as Process, Process as Growth: What We Can Learn from Grameen Bank, Bangladesh (Dhaka: Grameen Trust, 1993).

Gibbons, David S. (ed.) The Grameen Reader: Training Materials for International Replication of the Grameen Bank Financial System for Reduction of Rural Poverty (Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1992).

Hassan, Kabir. The Microfinance Revolution & the Grameen Bank Experience in Bangladesh (Boston: Blackwell, 2002).

Holcombe, Susan. Managing to Empower: The Grameen Bank's Experience of Poverty Alleviation (Atlantic Highlands NJ: Zed, 1995).

Jain, Pankaj S. Maturing of Micro-Credit Movement: Transaction Cost, Profitability & Service Qulity: Some Pointers from ASA (Dhaka: ASA, 2000).

Mizan, Ainon Nahar. In Quest of Empowerment: The Grameen Bank Impact on Women's Power & Status (Dhaka: University Press, 1994).

Rahman, Aminur. Women & Microcredit in Rural Bangladesh: Anthropological Study of the Rhetoric & Realities of Grameen Bank Lending (Boulder: Westview, 1999).

Ray, Jayanta Kumar. To Chase a Miracle: A Study of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh (Dhaka: University Press, 1987).

Todd, Helen. Women at the Center: Grameen Bank Borrowers after One Decade (Boulder: Westview, 1996).

Wahid, Abu N.M. (ed.) The Grameen Bank: Poverty Relief in Bangladesh (Boulder: Westview, 1993).

Watanabe, Tatsuya. The Ponds & the Poor: The Story of Grameen Bank's Initiative (Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1993).

Yunus, Muhammad. Grameen Bank, As I See It (Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1994).

__________with Alan Jolis. Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending & the Battle Against World Poverty (NY: PublicAffairs, 1999). Autobiography of the founder of Grameen Bank.

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