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(see also Globalization & American Empire)

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Baran, Paul. "On capitalism & freedom," Monthly Review 42,6(11/90):35-43.

Johnson, Harry G. "The Keynesian revolution & the monetarist counter-revolution," American Economic Review 61 (may 1971):7-11. Useful concise contrasting of the two competing economic theories.

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Collins, Joseph & John Lear. Chile's Free-Market Miracle: A Second Look (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1995). Brilliant, balanced critique of "hothouse" neoliberal reforms carried out under Pinochet regime. Chap. 4, a lucid outline of neoliberalism as economic & political doctrine, should be read by every American to know what we've embraced (or are up against!).

Délano, Manuel & Hugo Traslaviña. La herencia de los Chicago boys (Santiago: Ornitorrinco, 1989).

Friedman, Milton. Capitalism & Freedom (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1962).

__________& Rose Friedman. Free to Choose (NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980).

Ramos, Joseph. Neo-Conservative Economics in the Southern Cone of Latin America, 1973-1983 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1986).

Rayack, Elton. Not So Free to Choose (Westport CT: Praeger, 1987).

Saad-Filho, A. & D. Johnston (eds.) Neoliberalism: A Critical Reader (London: Pluto, 2005).

Valdés, Juan Gabriel. La escuela de Chicago: Operación Chile (Buenos Aires: Zeta, 1989).

Vergara, Pilar. Auge y caída del neoliberalismo en Chile (Santiago: FLACSO, 1985).

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