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Petroleum Production

(see also Petroleum Trade, World Resources)

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African Oil Politics.

Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) News.

The Coming Global Oil Crisis (Hubbert's Peak).

Expose Exxon.

Minerals Management Service (US Dept. of the Interior). Offshore oil exploitation.

OPEC News.

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Project Underground. Supports human rights of communities resisting mining & oil exploitation.

In the Library: Articles

Anon. "Score cards on the oil giants," Fortune (9/10/90). How they were affected by the Gulf War.

Campbell, Colin J. & Jean H. Laherrere. "The end of cheap oil," Scientific American (3/98).

Duncan, Richard C. "World energy production, popuation growth, & the road to the Olduvai Gorge," Population & Environment 22,5 (5-6/01).

Yergin, Daniel. "Gasoline & the American people," The Lamp 73,4 (win 91).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Adie, W.A.C. Oil, Politics & Seapower: The Indian Ocean Vortex (NY: Crane, Russak, 1975).

Ahrari, Mohammed E. OPEC: The Failing Giant (Lexington KY: U. Kentucky, 1986).

Al-Chalabi, Fadhil J. OPEC & the International Oil Industry: A Changing Structure (NY: Oxford, 1980).

__________. OPEC at the Crossroads (NY: Pergamon, 1989).

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Okonto, Ike & Oronto Douglas. Where Vultures Feast: Shell, Human Rights & Oil (NY: Verso, 2003).

Oreng, Oystein. Oil Politics in the 1980s: Patterns of International Cooperation (N

Stobaugh, Robert & Daniel Yergin (eds.) Energy Future (NY: Random House, 1979).

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__________ & Martin Hillenbrand (eds.) Global Insecurity: A Strategy for Energy & Economic Renewal (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1980).

__________. The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1991).

__________ & Joseph Stanislaw. The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy (rev. ed.; NY: Simon & Schuster, 2002).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Oil on Ice" [200?], dir. Bo Boudart & Dale Djerassi, 57m. Documentary on question of oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Reserve..

"The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power" [1992], by InVision for Majestic Films & Trans Pacific Films, BBC Television, MICO & WGBH Boston, 480m. From Public Media Video.

"There Will Be Blood" [2007], dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, 158m. In video stores. Loosely based on Upton Sinclair's novel Oil.

"Tulsa" [1949], dir. Stuart Heisler, 90m.

"Wages of Fear" [1963], dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot, 138m. In video stores.

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