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US History, Life & Values

A big part of working for a demilitarized & more viable, humane & sustainable American society, culture & economy is to get a clear picture of who we are & who we have been. The US is not a monolith. It is & always was a diverse nation of immigrant peoples, & many cultures & subcultures.

A similar challenge to self-understanding is faced today by Europeans, Israelis, Australians, Japanese & the citizens of many other countries that rely heavily on an immigrant labor force.

American society is not & has never been uniformly White, Protestant, English-speaking, patriarchal, heterosexual, militarist or imperialist. Nor will it ever be, despite the narrow-minded appeals to ethnocentrism, nativism & xenophobia that are sometimes still heard from irresponsible politicians & publicists.

This section invites users to read & learn more about the histories, lifeways & values of a wide variety of American ethnic, regional & self-identified groups. These groups are or often have been denied in practice the dignity & respect due to fellow-citizens. Many have in addition been victimized by active hostility, discrimination or hate crimes.

Where possible, & sometimes on separate pages in the "countries" section, we include material on the "diaspora" to other parts of the world of US immigrant groups, for purposes of comparison.

African American

Asian American



Latino American

Native American






Blind People

Deaf People

Disabled People

Gay & Lesbian



Southern American


Women's Lives

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