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In the Library: Articles

Braund, Kathryn E.H. "The Creek Indians, Blacks, & slavery," Journal of Southern History 57 (1991):601-36.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Braund, Kathryn E. Holland. Deerskins & Duffels: Creek Indian Trade with Anglo-America, 1685-1815 (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1993).

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__________. Black, White, & Indian: Race & the Unmaking of an American Family (NY: Oxford, 2005).

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Warde, Mary Jane. George Washington Grayson & the Creek Nation, 1843-1920 (Norman: U. of Oklahoma, 1999).

Wells, Mary Ann. Searching for Red Eagle: A Personal Journey into the Spirit World of Native America (Jackson: U. of Mississippi, 1998). Creek War of 1813.

White, Christine Schultz & Benton R. White. Now the Wolf Has Come: The Creek Nation in the Civil War (College Station TX: Texas A&M, 19??).

Winn, William W. The Old Beloved Path: Daily Life Among the Indians of the Chattahoochee River Valley (Eufala AL: Historica Chattahoochee Commission, 1992).

Wright, J. Leitch Jr. Creeks & Seminoles: The Destruction & Regeneration of the Muscogulge People (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1986).

In the Library: Fiction

Brown, Dee Alexander. Creek Mary's Blood: A Novel (NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1980).

Brown, Gita. Be I Whole (Aspen: MacMurray & Beck, 1995).

Callahan, S. Alice. Wynema: A Child of the Forest (ed. A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff; Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1997).

Freneau, Philip. Tomo Cheeki: The Creek Indian in Philadelphia (NY: P. Lang, 1987).

Womack, Craig S. Drowning in Fire (Tucson: U. of Arizona, 2001). Gay youth among contemporary Creek.

In the Library: For Young Readers

Bruchac, Joseph. The Great Ball Game: A Muskogee Story (NY: Dial, 1994).

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