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Franco-American History, Life & Values

(see also Canada: Quebec & Cajun History, Life & Values)

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On the Web: Articles

French Canadian Emigration to the US, 1840-1930. Claude Bélanger & Damien-Claude Bélanger, Quebec History (8/24/2000). Useful overview of process by which some 900,000 people migrated.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Albert, Renaud S.(comp) A Franco-American Overview (Cambridge MA: National Assessment & Dissemination Center for Bilingual/Bicultural Education, 1980).

Brault, Gerald J. The French Canadian Heritage in New England (Hanover NH: U. Press of New England, 1986).

Ducharme, Jacques. The Shadows of the Trees: The Story of the French-Canadians in New England (NY: Harper, 1943).

Félix, Albert. Immigrant Odyssey: A French Canadian Habitant in New England (Histoire d'un enfant pauvre) (trans. Arthur L. Eno Jr.; Orono: U. of Maine, 1991).

Quintal, Claire. Steeples & Smokestacks: A Collection of Essays on the Franco-American Experience in New England (Worcester MA: Assumption College, 1996).

Ramírez, Bruno. On the Move: French Canadian & Italian Migrants in the North Atlantic Economy, 1860-1914 (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1990).

Roby, Yves. The Franco-Americans of New England: Dreams & Realities (Montreal: Septentrion, 2004).

Rodrigue, Barry Hatfield. Tom Plant: The Making of a Franco-American Entrepreneur, 1859-1941 (NY: Garland, 1994).

Rouillard, Jacques. Ah, les Etats!: les travailleurs canadien-français dans l'industrie texteile de Nouvelle-Angleterre d'après le témoignage des dernier migrants (Montreal: Boreal Express, 1985).

Shideler, Janet L. Camille Lessard-Bissonnette: The Quiet Evolution of French-Canadian Immigrants in New England (NY: P. Lang, 1998).

Wade, Mason. The French Canadian Outlook: A Brief Account of the Unknown North Americans (NY: Viking, 1946).

Wright, Carroll D. The Canadian French in New England (Boston: Rand, Avery, 1882).

In the Library: Fiction

Tremblay, Remi. One Came Back: A Franco-American Civil War Novel (Revenant) (trans. Margaret S. Langford with Claire Quintal: Bennington VT: Images from the Past, 2002).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Jack Kerouac's Road: A Franco-American Odyssey" [1989], dir. Herménegilde Chiasson, 55m.

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