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German American History, Life & Values

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German American History & Heritage.

German American National Congress.

United German-American Committee of the USA.

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Bailyn, Bernard. From Protestant Peasants to Jewish Intellectuals: The Germans in the Peopling of America (NY: Berg, 1988).

Detjen, David W. The Germans in Missouri, 1900-1918: Prohibition, Neutrality & Assimilation (Columbia: U. of Missouri, 1985).

Dyck, Mary Knackstedt. Waiting on the Bounty: The Dust Bowl Diary of Mary Knackstedt Dyck (ed. Pamela Riney-Kehrberg; Iowa City: U. of Iowa, 1999).

Fox, Stephen. America's Invisible Gulag: A Biography of German-American Exclusion in World War II: Memory & History (NY: Peter Lang, 2000).

Grover, Warren. Nazis in Newark (New Brunswick NJ: Transaction, 2003).

Knoche, Karl Heinz. The German Immigrant Press in Milwaukee (NY: Arno, 1980).

Lang, Barbara. The Process of Immigration in German-American Literature from 1850 to 1900: A Change in Ethnic Self-Identification (München: W. Fink, 1988).

Luebke, Frederick C. Germans in the New World: Essays in the History of Immigration (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1990).

Pickle, Linda Schelbitzki. Contented Among Strangers: Rural German-Speaking Women & their Families in the 19th-C. Midwest (Urbana: U. Illinois, 1996).

Poore, Carol J. German-American Socialist Literature, 1865-1900 (Bern: P. Lang, 1982).

Powell, Alan Kent. Splinters of a Nation: German Prisoners of War in Utah (Salt Lake City: U. of Utah, 1989).

Shore, Elliott: Ken Fones Wolf & James P. Danky (eds.) The German-American Radical Press: The Shaping of a Left Political Culture, 1850-1940 (Urbana: U. of Illinois, 1992).

Trommler, Frank & Elliott Shore. The German-American Encounter: Conflict & Cooperation between Two Cultures, 1800-2000 (NY: Berghahn, 2001).

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Erdrich, Louise. The Master Butchers' Singing Club (NY: Harper Collins, 2003).

Kumpfmüller, Michael. The Adventures of a Bed Salesman (NY: Picador, 2003).

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