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Muslim American History, Life & Values

(see also Arab American History, Life & Values, Islam & Islamdom & African American Movements)

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American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

American Muslim Alliance.

American Muslim Council.

American Muslim Voice.

Council on American Islamic Relations.

Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Muslim Wakeup!

Muslim Women's League.

Nation of Islam.

Talk Islam.

In the Library: Articles

Harvey, Miles. “The bad guy,” Mother Jones (3-4/03):32-35.

McGrath, Ben. "Cross-cultural rap," New Yorker (12/23-30/02):58-9. On Native Deen, a wholesome African-American Muslim rap group whose work is being promoted by the State Department as part of its campaign to persuade Muslims abroad that the US is hospitable to their faith.

Penn, Michael. "A Muslim's jihad," On Wisconsin (2/02):35-39. Fall 2001 as experienced by Muslim students at the University of Wisconsin.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Abu-Nimer, Mohammed. Nonviolence & Peace Building in Islam (Gainesville: U. of Florida, 2003).

Barboza, Steven (ed.) American Jihad: Islam after Malcolm X (NY: Doubleday, 1994).

Diouf, Sylviane A. Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas (NY: New York U., 1998).

Clegg, Claude Andrew. An Original Man: The Life & Times of Elijah Muhammad (NY: St. Martin;s, 1997).

Council on American Islamic Relations. The Status of Muslim Civil Rights in the US 2002: Stereotypes & Civil Liberties (Washington, 2002).

Davis, Charles H. Jr. Black Nationalism & the Nation of Islam (Los Angeles: Bryant Foundation, 1962).

DeCaro, Louis A. On the Side of My People: A Religious Life of Malcolm X (NY: NYU, 1996).

__________. Malcolm & the Cross: The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X & Christianity (NY: NYU, 1998).

Gardell, Mattias. In the Name of Elijah Muhammad. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (Durham NC: Duke, 1996).

Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck. A Century of Islam in America (Washington: American Institute for Islamic Affairs, 1986).

__________. Islamic Values in the US: A Comparative Study (NY: Oxford, 1987).

__________ (ed.) Muslims of America (NY: Oxford, 1991).

__________ & Jane Idleman Smith. Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America (Gainesville: U. Florida, 1993).

__________ & Jane Idleman Smith (eds.) Muslim Communities in North America (Albany: SUNY. 1994).

__________ & John L Esposito (eds.) Muslims on the Americanization Path? (Atlanta: Scholars, 1998).

Lincoln, C. Eric. The Black Muslims in America (Boston: Beacon, 1961).

Lomax, Louis E. When the Word is Given (NY, 1963).

Malik, Iftikhar Haider. Islam & Modernity: Muslims in Europe & the US (London: Pluto, 2004).

Pinto, Maria do Ceu. Political Islam & the United States: A Study of US Policy Towards Islamist Movements in the Middle East (Reading UK: Ithaca, 1999).

Waugh, Earle H. & Frederick M. Denny. The Shaping of an American Islamic Discourse: A Memorial to Fazlur Rahman (Atlanta, 1998).

White, Vibert L. Jr. Inside the Nation of Islam. A Historical & Personal Testimony by a Black Muslim (Gainesville, 2001).

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CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Autobiography of Malcolm X," prod. Marvin Worth & Arnold Perl. Warner Bros.

"Muslims in America" (1997), by ABC News, 23m. From MPI Home Video.

"El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X)

"The Quran & the American Dream" [2000], dir. Shigehiro Ryuke, 52m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.


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