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South Asian American History, Life & Values

(see also India, Pakistan, Asian American History, Life & Values: General & Asian American Movements)

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This section includes, for comparative purposes, material on the South Asian diaspora to Britain & other English-speaking countries.

On the Web: Articles

The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF & the American Funding of Hindutva

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA).

Badmash. Comic commentary.

Bangalinet. Worldwide Bengali Associations site.

EKTA: South Asian Progressive Network.

DRUM (Desis Rising Up & Moving).

Progressive South Asians.

Project Impact.

South Asian Women's Organizations (SAWNET).

Telugu Association of North America (TANA).

In the Library: Articles

Duque, Isabel; Kiran Saxena & José Silvestre Revuelatas. "Encuentro entre sikhs y mexicanos: paralelo 48," in E.A. Uchmany (ed.) México-India: Similitudes y encuentros a través de la historia (México, 1998), pp. 138-55.

Lahiri, Jhumpa. "Cooking lessons: the long way home," New Yorker (9/6/04):83-84.

Lahr, John. "Whirlwind: how filmmaker Mira Nair makes people see the world her way," New Yorker (12/9?02):100-09.

Reang, Putsata. "Women break barriers for toxic-spill safeguard," San Jose Mercury (5/18/03):6B.

Tohid, Owais. "Pakistanis abroad trick daughters into marriage," Chistian Science Monitor (5/15/03):1,7.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ghai, ? (ed.) Portrait of a Minority (NY: Oxford, 19??)

Goodyear, Sara Suleri. Boys Will Be Boys: A Daughter's Elegy (Chicago: U. of Chicago, 2003).

Isaacs, Harold R. Scratches on Our Minds (NY: John Day, 1958; reissued as Images of Asia: American Views of China & India (NY: Harper & Row, 1972).

Jensen, Joan M. Passage from India: Asian Indian Immigrants in North America (New Haven: Yale, 1988).

Juergensmeyer, Mark. The Ghadar Syndrome: Nationalism in an Immigrant Community (Amritsar: Guru Nanak Dev U, 1977).

Kalita, Mitra S. Suburban Sahibs: Three Immigrant Families & Their Passage from India to America (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers,2003).

Leonard, Karen Isaksen. Making Ethnic Choices: California's Punjabi Mexican Americans (Philadelphia, 1992).

__________.The South Asian Americans (Westport CT: Greenwood, 1997).

Maira, Sunaina & Rajini Srikanth (eds.) Contours of the Heart: South Asians Map North America (NY: Asian American Writers' Workshop, 1996).

__________. Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture in New York City (Philadelphia: Temple, 2002).

Majumdar, Debu. From the Ganges to the Snake River (Caldwell ID: Claxton, 2000).

Melendy, H. Brett. Asians in America: Filipinos, Koreans, & East Indians (Boston: Twayne, 1977).

Prashad, Vijay. The Karma of Brown Folk (Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 2000).

__________. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections & the Myth of Cultural Purity (Boston: Beacon, 2001).

Raj, Dhooleka S. Where Are You From? Middle-Class Migrants in the Modern World (Berkeley: U. of California, 2003).

Rangaswamy, Padma. Namaste America: Indian Immigrants in an American Metropolis (University Park: Pennsylvania State U., 2003).

Saran, Parmatma & Edwin Eames (eds.) The New Ethnics. Asian Indians in the US (NY: Praeger, 1980).

Shankar, Lavina Dhingra & Rajini Srikanth (eds.) A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America (Philadelphia: Temple, 1998).

Takaki, Ronald T. India in the West: South Asians in America (NY: Chelsea House, 1995).

Tatla, Darshan Singh. The Sikh Diaspora: The Search for Statehood (Seattle: U. Washington, 1999).

In the Library: Fiction

Desai, Anita. Fasting, Feasting (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2000).

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. Arranged Marriage: Stories (NY: Anchor, 1996).

__________. The Mistress of Spices (NY: Anchor, 1998).

__________. The Vine of Desire (NY: Doubleday, 1999).

__________. The Unknown Errors of Our Lives: Stories (NY: Doubleday, 2001).

__________. Queen of Dreams (NY: Doubleday, 2004).

Lahiri, Jhumpa. Interpreter of Maladies: Stories (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999).

Nair, Meera. Video: Stories (NY: Pantheon, 2003).

Mukherjee, Bharati. Wife (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1975).

__________. Darkness (NY: Penguin, 1985).

__________. The Middleman & Other Stories (NY: Grove, 1988).

__________. Jasmine (NY: Ballantine, 1989).

__________. Leave It To Me (NY: Knopf, 1997).

__________. Desirable Daughters (

Sidhwa, Bapsi. The Bride (NY: St. Martin's, 1983).

In the Library: For Young Readers

Hidier, Tanuja. Desai Boon Confused (NY: Push, 2002).

In the Library: Poetry

Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee. Leaving Yuba City: New & Selected Poems (NY: Anchor, 1997).

__________. Black Candle: Poems About Women from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh (Corvallis OR: Calyx, 2000).

In the Library: Drama

Wajahat, Ali. The Domestic Crusaders (?:?, 2005). Three generations of a Pakistani family in the US.

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"Bharati Mukerjee: Conquering America" [1990], dir. Gail Pellett, 30m. From Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

"Desi: South Asians in New York" [2002], dir. Alazen Glazen & Shebana Coelho, 58m. From PBS Video.

"Hollywood/Bollywood" [2002], dir. Deepa Mehta, ?m. Post-modern love affair between Indo-Canadians.

"Mississippi Masala" [1991], dir. Mira Nair, 118m. In video stores. Ugandan Gujeratis transplanted to motel business in American South.

"My Own Country" [1998], dir. Mira Nair, 95m. In video stores. Based on immigrant Abraham Vergese's story about working as an AIDS doctor in Johnson City, Tennessee.

"Sam & Me" [1991], dir. Deepa Mehta, 94m. Young Indian immigrant to Canada befriends elderly Jewish man.

"So Far from India" [1982], dir. Mira Nair, 49m. From Filmakers Library. Documentary.


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