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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Lubove, Roy. Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh: Government, Business & Environmental Change [1969](Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1996).

McCormick, Charles H. Seeing Reds: Federal Surveillance of Radicals in the Pittsburgh Mill District, 1917-1921 (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1997).

Stave, Bruce M. The New Deal & the Last Hurrah: Pittsburgh Machine Politics (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1970).

Weber, Michael P. Don't Call Me Boss: David L. Lawrence, Pittsburgh's Renaissance Mayor (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1988).

Zahniser, Keith A. Steel City Gospel: Protestant Laity & Reform in Progressive-Era Pittsburgh (NY: Routledge, 2005).

In the Library: Fiction

Attaway, William. Blood on the Forge [1941] (NY: NY Review, 2005).

Bathanti, Joseph. East Liberty (Simpsonville SC: Banks Channel, 2001).

Bell, Thomas. Out of This Furnace [1941] (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1976). Slovak workers in the steel mills.

Blaise, Clark. Pittsburgh Stories (Erin ONT: Porcupine's Quill, 2001).

Canin, Ethan. Carry Me Across the Water (NY: Random House, 2002).

Chabon, Michael. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (NY: Wm. Morrow, 1988).

French, Albert. I Can't Wait on God (NY: Anchor, 1998).

Goran, Lester. Tales from the Irish Club: A Collection of Short Stories (Kent OH: Kent State U., 1996).

__________. She Loved Me Once, & Other Stories (Kent OH: Kent State U., 1997).

__________. Bing Crosby's Last Song (NY: Picador, 1998).

__________. Outlaws of the Purple Cow & Other Stories (Kent OH: Kent State U., 1999).

Handler, Daniel. Watch Your Mouth (NY: Thomas Dunne, 2000).

Hogan, James P. Realtime Interrupt (NY: Bantam, 1996).

Leavitt, Carolyn. Living Other Lives (NY: Warner, 1995).

Lissfeldt, J. Fred. The Dutchman Died, & Other Tales of Pittsburgh's South Side (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1994). German-Americans.

Manfredi, Renée. Where Love Leaves Us (Iowa City: U. of Iowa, 1994).

McGrath, Kristina. Housework: A Novel (Bridgehampton NY: Bridge Works, 2001).

O'Nan, Stuart. Everyday People (NY: Grove, 2001).

Silvis, Randall. Disquiet Heart (NY: Thomas Dunne, 2002).

Spencer, Wen. Bitter Waters (NY: New American Library, 2003).

Walton, David. Ride: A Novel (Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon U., 2002).

Wideman, John Edgar. Damballah [1981] (NY: Vintage, 1988).

__________. Hiding Place [1981] (NY: Vintage, 1988).

__________. Sent For You Yesterday (NY: Avon, 1983).

__________. Reuben (NY: Henry Holt, 1987). African-American lawyer.

__________. The Homewood Books (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1992). Damballah, Hiding Place & Sent For You Yesterday.

__________. All Stories Are True: The Stories of John Edgar Wideman (London: Picador, 1994).

__________. Two Cities (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998).

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