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Seattle, WA

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Andrews, Mildred Tanner. Women's Place: A Guide to Seattle & King County History (Seattle: Gemil, 1994).

Frank, Dana. Purchasing Power: Consumer Organizing, Gender, & the Seattle Labor Movement, 1919-1929 (NY: Cambridge, 1994).

Friedheim, Robert L. The Seattle General Strike (Seattle: U. of Washington, 1964).

Gibson, Timothy A. Securing the Spectacular City: The Politics of Revitalization & Homelessness in Downtown Seattle (Lanham MD: Lexington, 2004).

MacDonald, Norbert. Distant Neighbors: A Comparative History of Seattle & Vancouver (Lincoln: U. of Nebraska, 1987).

Reed, Wilson Edward. The Politics of Community Policing: The Case of Seattle (NY: Garland, 1999).

Takami, David A. Divided Destiny: A History of the Japanese Americans in Seattle (Seattle: U. of Washington, 1998).

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Emerson, Earl W. The Million Dollar Tattoo (NY: Balantine, 1996).

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"Cinderella Liberty" [1973], dir. Mark Rydell, 117m. In video stores. Sailor on leave falls for hooker.

"My Own Private Idaho" [1991], dir. Gus Van Sant, 102m. In video stores. Male prostitutes in Seattle.

"Showdown in Seattle: Five Days that Shook the WTO" [1999], dir. ?, 150m. From Deep Dish TV.

"Singles" [1992], dir. Cameron Crowe, 99m.

"Sleepless in Seattle" [1993], dir. Nora Ephron, 105m. In video stores.

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