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West Indian American History, Life & Values

(see also African American History, Life & Values to 1968, African American History, Life & values since 1968, African American Lives, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Belize, British West Indies)

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Foner, Nancy (ed.) Islands in the City: West Indian Migration to NY (Berkeley: U. of California, 2001).

Glave, Thomas. Words to Our Now (Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota, 2005). Essays of a gay Jamaican American critic of US prejudices, hatreds & inhumanities.

Hahamovitch, Cindy. The Fruits of their Labor: Atlantic Coast Farmworkers & the Making of Migrant Poverty (Chapel Hill: U. of North Carolina, 1997).

Hintzen, Percy C. West Indians in the West: Self-Representations in an Immigrant Community (NY: NYU, 2001).

Waters, Mary C. Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams & American Realities (NY: Russell Sage, 2001).

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Hunter, Latoya. The Diary of Latoya Hunter: My First Year in Junior High (NY: Crown, 1992).

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McCallum, Shara. The Water Between Us (Pittsburgh: U. of Pittsburgh, 1999).

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"Celebration: A Caribbean Festival" [1989], dir. Karen Kramer, 30m. From Filmakers' Library. West Indian Carnival in NY.

"Moko Jumbie" [19??], dir. Karen Kramer, 15m. From Filmakers' Library. West African-style stilt-walkers in NYC Carnival.

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