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Dennis Kucinich (D. OH)

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On the Web: Articles

Kucinich Gets Green Support. Adriel Hampton, San Francisco Examiner (8/12/03).

Kucinich on Universal Health Care (sum 03).

Candidate Pulls Bright Spot from Dark Story. Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post (6/22/03). Successful effort to save Cleveland Municipal Power Company, which cost Dennis job as mayor.

Kucinich Message to Voters in MoveOn Primary (6/03).

Statement Of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich On His Resolution Of Inquiry About Weapons Of Mass Destruction . (Ohio 10th Congressional District 6/4/03).

The Peace Candidate. Ruth Conniff, Progressive (4/03).

Give Kucinich a Chance. David Moberg, In These Times (2/28/03)

Kucinich's Choice. David Enrich, National Review (2/12/03). Questions his "flip-flop" on abortion.

Inner Space (Kucinich at NYC Peace Rally; 2/15/03).

Kucinich Says He Wants to Be President. Mark Naymik & Tom Diemer, Cleveland Plain Dealer [Truthout] (2/16/03).

Peace as a Civil Right (Kucinich, ML King Jr. Day in Lakewood OH; 1/19/03).

Iraq & the Economy (Kucinich at swearing-in ceremony in Cleveland; 1/5/03).

The Bloodstained Path. Dennis Kucinich, Progressive (11/02)

The Health of Our Nation (Kucinich to SEIU in Oakland CA; 9/14/02).

A Second Renaissance (Kucinich at UC Berkeley; 9/14/02).

Architects of New Worlds (Kucinich at "Fighting Bob" [LaFollette] Fest in Baraboo WI; 9/7/02).

The Soul of the Worker & the American Restoration (Kucinich to AFL-CIO Iowa State Convention in Demoines; 8/14/02).

Chemtrails Confirmed. Will Thomas (6/17/02).

Obviously Oil. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, AlterNet (3/11/ 03)

Does the Pentagon Have Amnesia on Lynch? (letter to Donald Rumsfeld) AlterNet (6/2/03).

A New Horizon for the Democratic Party (Kucinich to Western Caucus of Democratic National Committee in Seattle; 5/25/02).

A Prayer for America (Kucinich to ADA in Los Angeles; 2/27/02).

Kucinich: How to Avoid War With Iraq. (Kucinich to the House; 9/12/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Kucinich's Action & Information Center.

Kucinich Campaign for President

Kucinich Campaign Contributions.

Kucinich Komix (not an official campaign site!).

Kucinich Campaign's TV Ads.

Project Vote Smart Summary.

In the Library: Articles

Conniff, Ruth. "The peace candidate," Progressive (4/03). Includes examination of his views on abortion & Roe vs. Wade.

Kucinich, Dennis. "The bloodstained path," Progressive (11/02). Moving denunciation of "preemptive" war & call for international problem-solving through UN.

__________. "Government," in Marianne Williamson (ed.) Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century. Visions of a Better Future from Leading American Thinkers (Emmaus PA: Daybreak, 2000).

__________. "Kucinich on choice," Nation (5/3/03):2. Letter affirming opposition to Partial Term Abortion Ban Act pending in Congress, commitment to preservation of women's health, & right to choose guaranteed by Roe vs. Wade.

__________. "What I have learned from the war," Progressive (8/99):23-25. Secret documents reveal US involvement in training Kosovo Liberation Army.

Nichols, John. "Kucinich's antiwar bid," Nation (3/10/03): 5-6.

__________. "Kucinich rocks the boat," Nation (3/25/02):4-5. On his "Prayer for America" speech.

Terkel, Studs. "Kucinich is the one," Nation (5/6/02):23-26. Early nomination of Rep. Kucinich as presidential candidate.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Ahn, Christine (ed.) Shafted: Free Trade & America's Working Poor (Oakland CA: Food First, 2003).

Beaulieu, André; Lucie Desrochers et Louis Doyle. L'enfant terrible de Cleveland: le maire Dennis Kucinich (Quebec: Desclez, 1980).

Kucinich, Dennis & Studs Terkel. A Prayer for America (NY: Thunder's Mouth, 2003).

Marschall, Dan (ed.) The Battle of Cleveland: Public Interest Challenges Corporate Power (Washington: Conference on Alternative State & Local Policies, 1979).

Swanstrom, Todd. The Crisis of Growth Politics: Cleveland, Kucinich, & the Challenge of Urban Populism (Philadelphia: Temple, 1985).

In the Library: Fiction

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In the Library: Poetry

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In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Film & Video

"The Peace Candidate" [2003], dir. Malachi Roth, ?m. Accompanies Rep. Kucinich in NY during first days of war against Iraq.

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