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Forced Migration

(see also International Migration, Ethnic Conflict)

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On the Web: Articles

When Asylum Seekers Knock, Europe is Deaf. Sarah Lyall, NY Times (6/20/02). Growing European reluctance to take in refugees.

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Forced Migration Review.

In the Library: Articles

Hartigan, K. "Matching humanitarian norms with cold, hard interests: the making of refugee policies in Mexico & Honduras, 1980-89," International Organization 46,3 (sum 92):709-30.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Cohen, Robin. Global Diasporas: An Introduction (Seattle, 1997).

__________ & Zig Layton-Henry (eds.) The Politics of Migration (Boston, 1997).

Feller, Erika; Volker Türk & Frances Nicholson (eds). Refugee Protection in International Law (NY: Cambridge, 2003).

Ingleby, David (ed.) Forced Migration & Mental Health: Rethinking the Care of Refugees & Displaced Persons (NY: Springer Science+Business Media, 2005).

Pieke, Frank N. & Hein Malle (eds.) Internal & International Migration: Chinese Perspectives (Richmond, Surrey: Curzon, 2000).

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