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Gar Alperovitz

(see also Nuclear Weapons & Revitalizing Democracy)

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On the Web: Articles

The New Ownership Society. Truthout [Nation] (6/27/05).

The Progressive Tax Revolt -- & the Possibility of a Progressive Ownership Society. Common Dreams (5/10/05).

Taking the Offensive on Wealth. Nation (2/21/05). Democrats need to organize against increasing inequality of wealth.

Time for Moral Outrage about Social Security. Common Dreams (1/31/05).

The Coming Era of Wealth Taxation. Dollars & Sense [Third World Traveller] (7-8/04).

A National Federation of Democratic Workplaces Can Lay the Foundation for Historic Change. GEO Newsletter (2004).

Tax the Plutocrats. Nation [Democracy Collaborative] (1/27/03).

The Fire Still Burns (interview). Jim Burns & Aaron Gallegos, Sojourners (7-8/95).

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Democracy Collaborative.

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In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Alperovitz, Gar. Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima & Potsdam. The Use of the Atomic Bomb & the American Confrontation with Soviet Power [1965] (NY: Penguin, 1985).

__________. Cold War Essays (NY: Anchor, 1970).

__________ & Staughton Lynd. Strategy & Program: Two Essays toward a New American Socialism (Boston: Beacon, 1973).

__________ & Jeffrey Faux. Rebuilding America (NY: Pantheon, 1984).

__________ & Roger Skurski (eds.) American Economic Policy: Problems & Prospects (Notre Dame IN: Notre Dame, 1984).

__________ with Sanho Tree. The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb: The Architecture of an American Myth (NY: Knopf, 1995).

Williamson, Thad; David Imbroscio & Gar Alperovitz. Making a Place for Community: Local Democracy in a Global Era (NY: Routledge, 2002).

__________. America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, & Our Democracy (Hoboken NJ: J. Wiley, 2005).

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