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Walden Bello

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Bello, Walden. "A 'second front' in the Philippines," Nation (3/18/02):18-22.

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Bello, Walden & Severina Rivera (eds.) The Logistics of Repression & Other Essays: The Role of US Assistance in Consolidating the Martial Law Regime in the Philippines (Washington: Friends of the Filipino People, 1977).

Bello, Walden; Peter Hayes & Lyuba Zarsky. 500-Mile Island: The Philippine Nuclear Reactor Deal (Mountain View CA: Pacific Research Center, 1979).

__________ & Elaine Elinson. Elite Democracy or Authoritarian Rule? The Crisis of the Political Revime of US Domination in the Philippines & the Third World from the Kennedy Years to the Reagan Era (Oakland CA: Philippine Solidarity Network, 1981).

__________; David Kinley & Elaine Elinson. Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1982).

__________. Visions of a Warless World: Perspectives on Peace from Divergent Traditions. The Hopes they Share; the Obstacles they Face (Washington: Friends Committee on National Legislation, 1986).

__________. US-Sponsored Low-Intensity Conflict in the Philippines (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1987).

__________. Brave New Third World? Strategies for Survival in the Global Economy (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1989).

__________ & Stephanie Rosenfeld. Dragons in Distress: Asia's Miracle Economies in Crisis (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1990).

__________. People & Power in the Pacific: The Struggle for the Post-Cold War Order (London: Pluto, 1992).

__________ & Jenina Joy Chavez-Malaluan (eds.) APEC: Four Adjectives in Search of a Noun (Diliman: Manila People's Forum on APEC, 1996).

__________; Sheila Cunningham & Li Kheng Poh. A Siamese Tragedy: Development & Disintegration in Modern Thailand (NY: Zed, 1998).

Bello, Walden; Shea Cunningham & Bill Rau. Dark Victory: The US & Global Poverty [1994] (2nd ed.; London, Pluto, 1999).

__________. The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalization & Resistance (Oakland CA: Food First, 2001).

Hayes, Peter; Lyuba Zarsky & Walden Bello. American Lake: Nuclear Peril in the Pacific (NY: Penguin, 1986).

Tadeem, Ed & Lakshmi Daniel (eds.) Challenging the Mainstream: APEC & the Asia-Pacific Development Debate , featuring Walden Bello (Bangkok: Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives, 1995).

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