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Joseph Collins

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Collins, Joseph & John Lear. "Free market miracle or myth? Chile's neo-liberal experiment," Ecologist 26,4 (7-8/96):156-67.

Lear, John & Joseph Collins."Working in Chile's free market," Latin American Perspectives 22,1 (win 95):10-30.

__________. "Retiring on the free market: Chile's privatized social security," NACLA Report 5,4 (1-2/02):36-43.

Rosset, Peter; Joseph Collins & Frances Moore Lappé. "Lessons from the Green Revolution," Tikkun 15,2 (3/00):52-.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Benjamin, Medea; Joseph Collins & Michael Scott. No Free Lunch: Food & Revolution in Cuba Today (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1984).

Collins, Joseph & Frances Moore Lappé. Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity [1977] (NY: Ballantine, 1981).

__________. Agrarian Reform & Counter-Reform in Chile (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1979).

__________; Frances Moore Lappé & David Kinley. Aid as Obstacle: Twenty Questions about Our Foreign Aid & the Hungry (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1980).

__________ & Frances Moore Lappé. Now We Can Speak: A Journey through the New Nicaragua (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1982).

Collins, Joseph; Frances Moore Lappé, Nick Allen & Paul Rice. What Difference Could a Revolution Make? Food & Farming in the New Nicaragua [1982] (3rd rev. ed.; NY: Grove, 1986).

__________ The Philippines: Fire on the Rim (San Francisco: Institute for Food & Development Policy, 1989).

__________ & John Lear. Chile's Free-Market Miracle: A Second Look (Oakland CA: Food First, 1995).

__________; Frances Moore Lappé, Peter Rossett & Luis Esparza. World Hunger: Twelve Myths [1977, 1986] (new rev. ed. NY: Grove, 1998).

__________; Stefano DeZerega & Zahara Heckscher. How to Live Your Dream of Volunteering Overseas (NY: Penguin, 2002).

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