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Barry Commoner

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How Poverty Breeds Overpopulation (& Not the Other Way Around). Ramparts (9/75).

Pollution Prevention: The Source of an Ethical Foundation for Sustainable Development (n.d.).

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In the Library: Articles

Hall, Alan. "Interview with Barry Commoner, Scientific American (6/23/97).

Moberg, David. “Commoner dares to call it ‘bullshit’,” In These Times (8/22/80):6-7.

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In the Library: Fiction

Commoner, Barry. Science & Survival (NY: Viking, 1966).

__________. The Closing Circle; Nature, Man, & Technology
(NY: Knopf, 1971).

__________. Ecology & Social Action (Berkeley: U. of California School of Forestry & Conservation, 1973).

__________. The Effect of Recent Energy Price Increases on Field Crop Production Costs (St. Louis MO: Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, 1974).

__________. The Poverty of Power : Energy & the Economic Crisis (NY: Knopf, 1976).

__________. The Politics of Energy (NY: Knopf, 1979).

__________. Making Peace with the Planet (NY: New, 1992)

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