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Danilo Dolci

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Barone, Giuseppe. La forza della nonviolenza: bibliografia e profilo biografico di Danilo Dolci (Napoli: Libreria Dante & Descartes, 2000).

Bess, Michael. Realism, Utopia, & the Mushroom Cloud: Four Activist Intellectuals & their Strategies for Peace, 1945-1989: Louise Weiss (France), Leo Szilard (USA), E.P. Thompson (England) & Danilo Dolci (Italy) (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1993).

Chaudhuri, Eliana Riggio. Planning with the Poor: The Nonviolent Experiment of Danilo Dolci in Sicily (New Delhi: Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1998).

Chemello, Adriana. La parola maieutica: impegno civile e ricerca poetica nell'opera di Danilo Dolci (Firenze: Valecchi, 1988).

Dolci, Danilo. Report from Palermo [1956] (NY, 1959).

__________. Waste: An Eye-Witness Report on Some Aspects of Waste in Western Sicily (London, 1963).

__________. A New World in the Making (NY: Monthly Review, 1965). Reflections on the USSR, Yugoslavia, Senegal & Ghana.

__________. Sicilian Lives (NY, 1981).

__________. The World is One Creature (trans. Justin Vitiello; Amity NY: Amity House, 1984).

Harcourt, Melville. Portraits of Destiny (NY: Sheed & Ward, 1966).

Mangione, Jerre. The World Around Danilo Dolci: A Passion for Sicilians (NY: Harper & Row, 1972).

McNeish, James. Fire Under the Ashes: The Life of Danilo Dolci (Boston, 1965).

Peachment, Brian. The Defiant Ones: Dramatic Studies of Modern Social Reformers (Oxford: Religious Education, 1969).

Spagnoletti, Giacinto. Conversazioni con Danilo Dolci (Milano: A. Mondadori, 1977).

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