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On the Web: Articles

"Hotel Journalism" Dictates Coverage of Iraq. Independent (1/17/05).

Margaret Hassan's Suspected Execution Will Be Seen as "Proof" of Evil. Common Dreams (11/17/04).

Robert Fisk on Sovereignty, Martial Law & Continuing Violence in the New Iraq. Democracy Now! (7/16/04).

The Case Against War: A Conflict Driven by the Self-Interest of America. Independent (2/15/03).

How Arafat Failed Israeli Interests; Sharon as Bush Speechwriter. Counterpunch (6/26/02). Bush's call for Arafat's ouster shows US offers Palestinians only subjugation by Israel.

The Solution to this Filthy War: Foreign Occupation, Counterpunch (5/8/02). Foreign occupation may be only way to end war between Israel and Palestine.

Sharon the Merciless and Arafat the Corrupt. Counterpunch (5/4/02). Arafat can't control ‘his’ people; Sharon can't protect his – peace is as far away as it’s ever been.

View From Beirut
. Nation (4/22/02). Why is America ignoring Saudi peace plan?

Fear & Learning in America, Independent (4/16/02). Some Americans are beginning to question US role in Middle East; but US media continues cowardly reporting.

Jews May Not Want to Look at This. Independent (4/7/02). Conversation with Auschwitz survivor at site of 1948 massacre of Palestinians that triggered refugee crisis at heart of current conflict

The Bloody Battle of Bethlehem
. Madison Independent Media Center (4/5/02). Details of killings.

America's Morality Has Been Distorted by 9/11, Madison Independent Media Center (3/10/02). Anarchy in Afghanistan, continuing slaughter in Middle East: our memorial to dead of 9/11?

Robert Fisk [interview]. Matthew Rothschild, Progressive (12/01).

My beating by refugees is a symbol of the hatred and fury of this filthy war. Independent (12/10/01). Fisk's account of his beating by Afghan refugees near Pakistan border.

We are the war criminals now. Independent (11/29/01). US & UK culpable in Northern Alliance war; President Truman's courageous stand for trials rather than summary execution of Nazis.

Our Friends in the North are Just as Treacherous and Murderous. Independent (11/19/01). US & UK cannot "dismiss" & "normalize" Northern Alliance war crimes.

Forget the cliches, there is no easy way for the West to sort this out. Independent (11/17/01).
Western and Afghani differences in perceptions of government and post-Taliban Afghanistan

What will the Northern Alliance do in our name now? Independent (11/14/01). US/UK losing control of Northern Alliance, & its innacurate & ahistorical portrayal in Western media.

Bush and Blair Have Already Lost the Talking War Across the Middle East, Independent (10/10/01). What Middle Easterners hear when bin Laden talks; why it's different from what Westerners hear.

Lost in the Rhetorical Fog of War. Independent (10/9/01). US attempts to silence Qatar TV station Al-Jazeera; & western media is silent about it.

War Disturbs the Most Dangerous Political Tectonic Plate in the World, Independent (10/8/01). How will war on Afghanistan affect US/UK ties with other Muslim countries?

Our Friends Are Killers, Crooks and Torturers, Independent (10/7/01). Brief look at allies in anti-terrorism coalition & their human rights abuses.

The wickedness and awesome cruelty of a crushed and humiliated people. Guardian (9/12/01)
Speculation on perpetrators of 9/11 attacks, & reasons for it

Time of the Intifada. Nation (11/20/00). Why can’t UN Resolution 242 be implemented?

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Robert Fisk's Site.

ZNet Middle East Watch.

In the Library: Articles

Fisk, Robert. "Bush & Blair have already lost talking war across Middle East," Independent (10/10/01).

__________. "Lost in the rhetorical fog of war," Independent (10/9/01).

__________. "War disturbs the most dangerous political tectonic plate in the world," Independent (10/8/01).

__________. "Our friends are killers, crooks & torturers," Independent (10/7/01).

__________. "The wickedness & awesome cruelty of a crushed & humiliated people," Independent (9/12/01).

__________. "Southern Lebanon waits," Nation (6/26/00):5-6.

__________. "Time of the Intifada," Nation (11/20/00).

__________. "War jitters in the Middle East," Nation (6/9/97):16-21.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Fisk, Robert. The Point of No Return: The Strike that Broke the British in Ulster (London: André Deutsch, 1975).

__________. In Time of War: Ireland, Ulster & the Price of Neutrality, 1939-1945 (Philadelphia: U. of Pennsylvania, 1983).

__________. Pity the Nation: Lebanon at War [orig. 1990] (3d ed.; NY, 2001).

Willis, Clint (ed.) Writing War: The Best Contemporary Journalism about War & Conflict from Around the World (NY: Thunder's Mouth, 2003).

In the Library: Fiction

In the Library: For Young Readers

In the Library: Poetry

In the Library: Drama

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio

Robert Fisk speech at Beyond Baroque, L.A., CA (audio clip) (4/13/02)
Why won’t Colin Powell go to Jenin? America’s role in Middle East is morally bankrupt.

Film & Video

"Beirut to Bosnia: Muslims & the West"(3 videocassettes, 1993), from Films for the Humanities


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