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Neve Gordon

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On the Web: Articles

Side-by-Side, Demanding an End to Occupation. National Catholic Reporter (1/17/03).

Against the Israeli Academic Boycott. Nation (2/14/03).

Jerusalem Under Attack. AlterNet (7/2/02).

Transferring" Palestinians Out. with Oren Yiftachel, In These Times (6/3/02).

Caving In?. with Oren Yiftachel, In These Times (6/3/02).

Against the Israeli Academic Boycott. Nation (2/14/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Neve Gordon. Includes annotated bibliography.

Znet's Neve Gordon Archive.

In the Library: Articles

Gordon, Neve. "Israel's Lebanon clients," Nation (5/22/00):6.

__________. "Living in a prison," Jerusalem Post (5/23/01).

__________. "Are the Chinese our new proletariat?" (6/26/01).

__________. "Pirates in the Mediterranean," Jerusalem Post (6/23/01).

__________. "Bad example. Bush is drawing the wrong lessons from Israel's response to terror," In These Times (10/29/01):17-18.

__________. "Separate, but not equal," Jerusalem Post (1/31/02).

__________. "Sharon's lessons in terror," In These Times (4/15/02):9.

__________. “Where are the peaceniks?” Nation (4/29/02): 4-5. Blatant racism in Israel, feeding on fear of suicide bombings, is changing Jerusalem landscape.

__________. "'To a Nazi professor...'" Jerusalem Post (5/9/02).

__________. "Hate turns shameless in war on terrorism," National Catholic Reporter (5/24/02):26.

__________. "Public sphere shrinks under assault from the enemy within," National Catholic Reporter (10/11/02):20.

__________. "Sliding down a slippery moral slope: As the fight against the uprising continues, IDF is losing its moral compass," Montreal Gazette (1/24/03).

__________. “Israel’s slippery moral slope?” In These Times (3/4/03): 8.

__________. "Can bad fences make good neighbours?" Manchester Guardian Weekly (6/4/03).

__________. "Israel erects barrier to Palestinian justice," Baltimore Sun (6/5/03).

Yiftachel, Oren & Neve Gordon. “Caving in? Will Israeli Supreme Court back ‘transfer’ of Palestinians?” In These Times (6/24/02):3.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Gordon, Neve & Marton Gordon (eds.) Torture: Human Rights, Medical Ethics & the Case of Israel (London: Zed, 1995).

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