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On the Web: Articles

A Prophet, a Teacher, a Realistic Dreamer. Harvey Cox, National Catholic Reporter (12/20/02).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Ivan Illich Archive.

Ivan Illich, Writings on the Web.

Thinking After Illich.

We the People. Led by Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, CA, works to "strengthen the practice of democracy & the ability of people to shape the places where they live." Hosted Illich & others for series of wide-ranging Oakland Table discussions in 2000-2001.

Writings by Illich & Friends from His Last Years in Bremen.

In the Library: Articles

Garner, William R. "The 'politics' of Ivan Illich & small group political behavior at CIDOC-Cuernavaca, 1972)," in L.C. Brown & W.F. Cooper (eds.) Religion in Latin American Life & Literature (Waco TX: Markham, 1980), pp. 177-88.

Hunt, Susan. "Ivan Illich: economic agnostic," Church World (5/24/84).

Illich, Ivan. "Outwitting the 'developed' countries" [1967], in Wilber (ed.) Political Economy of Development & Underdevelopment (NY, 1979), pp. 436-44.

__________. "The futility of schooling in Latin America," Saturday Review (4/20/68).

__________. "Schooling: the ritual of progress," NY Review (12/3/70).

__________. "Education without school: how it can be done," NY Review (1/7/71):25-31.

Leñero, Vicente. "El caso Illich: Inquisición posconciliar," en su Talacha periodística (México, 1988), pp. 281-302.

Navarro, Vicente. "A fetishism of industrialization: a critique of Ivan Illich," Monthly Review 28,5(10/76):34-46.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Buckman, Peter (ed.) Education Without Schools, with contributions from Ivan Illich & others (London: Souvenir, 1973).

Cayley, David. Ivan Illich in Conversation (Concord ONT: Ananci, 1992).

Elías, John L. Conscientization & Deschooling: Freire's & Illich's Proposals for Reshaping Society (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1976).

Gabbard, David. Silencing Ivan Illich: A Foucauldian Analysis of an Intellectual Exclusion (San Francisco: Austin & Winfield, 1993).

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Hannoun, Hubert. Ivan Illich o la escuela sin sociedad (Barcelona: Peninsula, 1976).

Hoinacki, Lee & Carl Mitcham (eds.) The Challenges of Ivan Illich: A Collective Reflection (Albany: SUNY, 2002).

Horrobin, David F. Medical Hubris: A Reply to Ivan Illich (Montreal: Eden, 1977).

Illich, Ivan. Bolivia y la revolución cultural (La Paz: Ministerio de Educación, 1970).

__________. Mission & Midwifery: Essays on Missionary Formation (Gwelo: Mambo, 1970).

__________. The Dawn of Epimethean Man, & Other Essays (Cuernavaca: CIDOC, 1970).

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__________. Celebration of Awareness: A Call for Institutional Revolution (NY: Doubleday, 1970).

__________. The Breakdown of Schools (Cuernavaca: CIDOC, 1971).

__________. Deschooling Society (NY: Harper & Row, 1971).

__________. Institutional Inversion (Cuernavaca: CIDOC, 1972).

__________. Retooling Society (Cuernavaca: CIDOC, 1973).

__________. Tools for Conviviality (NY: Harper & Row, 1973).

__________. En América Latina, para qué sirve la escuela? (Buenos Aires: Búsqueda, 1973).

__________. Energy & Equity (NY: Harper & Row, 1974).

__________. Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis, the Expropriation of Health (NY: Pantheon, 1976).

__________ & Etienne Verne. Imprisoned in the Global Classroom (London: Writers Readers Publishing Cooperative, 1976).

__________. Disabling Professions (London: Boyars, 1977).

__________. Alternativas (2nd ed.; México: J. Mortiz,1977).

__________. Toward a History of Needs (NY: Pantheon, 1978).

__________. The Right to Useful Employment & its Professional Enemies (London: Boyars, 1978).

__________. La convivencialidad (2nd ed.; México: Posada, 1979).

__________. Shadow-work (Cape Town: U. Cape Town, 1980).

__________. Gender (NY: Pantheon, 1982).

__________. H2O & the Waters of Forgetfulness: Reflections on the Historicity of "Stuff" (Berkeley: Heyday, 1985).

__________ & Barry Sanders. ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind (San Francisco: North Point, 1988).

__________. La guerra contra la subsistencia: antología (Cochabamba: Runa, 1991).

__________. In the Mirror of the Past: Lectures & Addresses, 1978-1990 (NY: M. Boyars, 1992).

__________. In the Vineyard of the Text: A Commentary to Hugh's Didascalicon (Chicago: U. Chicago, 1993).

Macklin, Michael. When Schools Are Gone: A Projection of the Thought of Ivan Illich (St. Lucia: U. of Queensland, 1976).

Pease, Edward. Encountering Ivan Illich: A Concise Introduction to the Man, His Essential Ideas, & His Unique Learning Center (Jacksonville IL: Herzberg, 1974).

Saenz Arriaga, Joaquín. Cuernavaca y el progresismo religioso en México (México, 1967).

Suárez, Luis. Cuernavaca ante el Vaticano (México: Grijalbo, 1970).

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