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Molly Ivins

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About Molly Ivins.

On the Web: Articles

By & Large, We Are a Marvellous Nation. Fort Worth Star-Telegram (7/4/04).

Molly Ivins (profile). David Rubien, Salon (12/12/00).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Misc. Ivins Columns from mid-90s (Some avid reader & techie/activist should offer to build & maintain a serious homepage for Molly, one that would make her invaluable work all the way back to the 60s more readily available to readers).

Ivins Syndicated Columns (2000-present).

Ivins in Texas Observer (1999-present).

In the Library: Articles

Ivins, Molly. “Shrubwatch,” Nation (1/3/00):4-5.

__________. "The Bush sock hop," Progressive (5/01):46. Bush policies take us back to 1950s.

__________. “Time to stop reacting and start thinking,” S.F. Chronicle (10/10/01). For a rational foreign policy.

__________. "Tax dodgers apply here," Progressive (1/03):46. US government contracts to firms relocated offshore to avoid paying taxes!

__________. "US should listen to its oldest friends -- the French," San Jose Mercury (2/24/03).

__________. "Proud of the peace movement," Progressive (4/03).

__________. “Not bright enough,” Progressive (3/04):46.

__________. "Lone star strange," Utne Reader (3-4/04):38-41 [from Nation 11/17/03]. Peculiar politics of big, diverse Texas.

__________. "Imperialists' ball," Progressive (6/04):50. Postwar Iraq.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books:

Ivins, Molly. Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She? (NY, 1991).

__________. Nothin' But Good Times Ahead (NY: Random House, 1993).

__________. You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You: Politics in the Clinton Years (NY, 1999).

__________. Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush (NY, 2000).

__________. “Mr. Manners,” (NY: Seven Stories, 2002).

__________ & Lou Dubose. Bushwhacked (NY: Random House, 2003).

__________. Who Let the Dogs IN? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known (NY: Random House, 2004).

CD & Audio:

"Molly Ivins: Muddy & Bloody Politics" from Pacifica Radio Archive.

Film & Video:

Monterey Bay Educators Against War
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