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Van Jones

(see also Prison Reform)

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On the Web: Articles

Interview with Van Jones (Terrence McNally). AlterNet (4/20/05).

A Phoenix from the Ashes. Yes! Magazine (win 2005).

Looking Back, Looking Forward (forum contribution). Nation (12/12/04).

Our Moment of Truth: Moving Forward & Deeper. People for Change (11/04).

Abuse from Sea to Shining Sea. AlterNet (5/28/04).

The Crossroads: Where the Hope Is. Speech to Bioneers Conference in San Francisco (fall 03).

The Case for Arianna. AlterNet (9/10/03).

Why I Went to Work for Arianna. Utne (9/03).

Prison Industry Has a Lock on Davis. AlterNet (7/16/03).

Criminal Justice (conversation with Manning Marable). USA Weekend (2/9/03).

Green Jobs, Not Packed Jails: A Mighty Force for Change. Environmental Grantmakers Association (win 2003).

Slack This: Gen X Activists Know How to Take it to the Streets. Third Force [Utne] (9-10/96).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Bay Area Police Watch (Ella Baker Center).

Books not Bars (Ella Baker Center). Focus on replacing scandal-ridden California Youth Authority.

In the Library: Articles

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy. Speak Truth to Power (NY: Umbrage, 200?). Includes profile of Van Jones.

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