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Garrison Keillor

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Garrison Keillor Page.

A Prairie Home Companion.

The Writer's Almanac.

In the Library: Articles

Keller, Martin. "The news from Lake Wobegon: Garrison Keillor leaves home," Utne Reader (9-10/87):100-105.

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Keillor, Garrison. Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts from the Heart of America (NY: Viking, 20040.

In the Library: Fiction

Keillor, Garrison. Happy to Be Here (NY: Viking, 1982).

__________. Lake Wobegon Days (NY: Atheneum, 1985).

__________. Leaving Home: a Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories (NY: Viking, 1987).

__________. We Are Still Married: Stories and Letters (NY: Viking, 1989).

__________. WLT: A Radio Romance (NY: Viking, 1991).

__________. The Book of Guys: Stories (NY: Viking, 1992).

__________. Lake Wobegon Boy (NY: Viking, 1997).

__________. Me: By Jimmy (Big Boy) Valenta (NY: Viking, 1999).

__________. In Search of Lake Wobegon (NY: Viking, 2001).

__________. Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 (NY: Penguin, 2002).

__________. "Love me: a short story," Atlantic Monthly (8-9/03): 115-122.

In the Library: For Young Readers

Keillor, Garrison. Cat, You Better Come Home (NY?: Puffin, 1995).

__________. The Old Man Who Loved Cheese (Boston: Little, Brown, 1996).

__________. The Sandy Bottom Orchestra (NY?: Hyperion Press, 1996),

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