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Andrew Kopkind (1935-1994)

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On the Web: Articles

Andrew Kopkind's Wars [review of The Thirty Years' Wars]. Rob Walker, Texas Observer (7/14/95).

Fatally Flawed, the System Can't Deliver (1991).

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In the Library: Articles

Kopkind, Andrew. "Up the country: five communes in Vermont," Working Papers for a New Society 1,1 (spr 1973):44-49.

__________. "Hip deep in capitalism: alternative media in Boston," Working Papers for a New Society 2,1 (spr 74):14-23.

Kopkind, Andrew. "Creating a democratic majority," Nation (12/26/88):l, 709-10. Jesse Jackson & Rainbow Coalition.

__________. "Bernie Sanders does DC [interview]," Nation (6/3/91):728-32.

__________. "Rethinking the left: the rising of the wretched," Nation (5/6/91):586-588.

Vidal, Gore. "Andy Kopkind, 1935-94," Nation (6/12/95).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Kopkind, Andrew. The Thirty Years' Wars: Dispatches & Diversions of a Radical Journalist, 1965-1994 (ed. JoAnn Wypijewski; NY: Verso, 1995).

__________ & James Ridgeway (eds.) Decade of Crisis: America in the 60's (NY, 1972).

__________. America: The Mixed Curse (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1960).

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