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Saul Landau

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On the Web: Articles

The Terminator & Prop 187: Schwartzenegger & Cuban Migration. Counterpunch (8/30/03).

When Bombs Replace Reason: Technological Massacre. Counterpunch (3/28/03).

On the Web: Specialized Sites

Saul Landau.

In the Library: Articles

Landau, Saul. "Understanding revolution: a guide for critics," Monthly Review 39,1 (5/87):1-13.

__________. "A new world to exploit: the East joins the South," Monthly Review 42,5 (10/90):29-37.

__________. "A new twist on race in Cuba," Monthly Review (2/91):53-58. Review essay on Carlos Moore, Castro, the Blacks & Africa.

__________. "In the jungle with Marcos," Progressive (mar 1996):25-29.

__________. “How to understand the Pope’s visit to Cuba,” Anderson Valley Advertiser (1/14/98):7.

__________. “Bishop Ruiz resigns,” Anderson Valley Advertiser (6/17/98):10.

__________. “Cuba policy,” Anderson Valley Advertiser (7/1/98):11.

__________. “Asian banking & Latin American unemployment,” Anderson Valley Advertiser (7/15/98):10.

__________. “Phantom prosperity in Maquila land,” Canadian Dimension (7-8/98).

In the Library: Non-Fiction Books

Garcés, Joan E. y Saul Landau (eds.) Orlando Letelier: testimonio y vindicación (Madrid: Siglo XXI, 1995).

Jacobs, Paul & Saul Landau. The New Radicals: A Report with Documents (NY: Random House, 1966).

__________ & Saul Landau, with Eve Pell. To Serve the Devil: Vol. 1, Natives & Slaves & Vol. 2, Colonials & Sojourners (NY: Random House, 1971). History of race relations in the US.

Landau, Saul. They Educated the Crows: An Institute Report on the Letelier-Moffitt Murders (Amsterdam: Transnational Institute, 1978).

__________ & John Dinges. Assassination on Embassy Row (NY: Pantheon, 1980).

__________. The Dangerous Doctrine: National Security & US Foreign Policy (Boulder: Westview, 1988).

__________. The Guerrilla Wars of Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador & Guatemala (London: Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, 1993).

__________. Red Hot Radio: Sex, Violence & Politics at the End of the American Century (Monroe ME: Common Courage, 1998).

__________. The Pre-Emptive Empire: A Guide to Bush's Kingdom (London: Pluto, 2003).

In the Library: Fiction

In the Library: Poetry

Landau, Saul. My Dad Was Not Hamlet (Oakland: Round World Media, 199?).

In the Library: Photography

CD & Audio:

Film & Video:

"Conversations with Allende" [1972], dir. Saul Landau, 32m. From Cinema Guild.

"Fidel" [1969], dir. Saul Landau & Irving Saraf, 96m. From Cinema Guild.

"Iraq: Voices from the Streets" [2002], Saul Landau & Sonia Argulo, 23m. From Cinema Guild.

"The Jail" [1972], dir. Saul Landau, ?m.

"Maquila: A Tale of Two Mexicos" [2000], dir. Saul Landau & Sonia Argulo, 54m. From Cinema Guild.

"Papak o lea" [1993], dir. Edgy Lee, 55m.

"Paul Jacobs & the Nuclear Gang" [1979], dir. Jack Willis, Saul Landau & Penny Bernstein, 60m.

"Que hacer" [1971], dir.

"Quest for Power: Sketches of the American New Right" [1982], dir. Saul Landau & Frank Diamand, 52m. From Cinema Guild.

"The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas" [1996], dir. Saul Landau, 56m. From Cinema Guild.

"Steppin', Steppin': A Film" [1995], dir. Saul Landau, 45m. Michael Manley runs for re-election as Prime Minister of Jamaica.

"Target Nicaragua: Inside a Covert War" [1983], dir. Saul Landau, 42m. From Cinema Guild.

"The Uncompromising Revolution: 1988 Documentary" [1989], dir. Saul Landau, 80m. From Cinema Guild.

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